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As with many stories about the Palin family, there seems to be an endless challenge to the truth of the Palin account of events. The recent denial by Todd of Sarah’s one-nighter and the denial by Sarah of Todd’s use of prostitutes, raises even more suspicion that the reported stories are true, and that the denials are the lies.  For years we have heard various accounts of the Trig birth story. Given the documented history of Sarah Palin’s willingness to deceive the public, the question of the true birth-mother of Trig takes on greater importance.

Today the Business Insider summarizes the evidence of a hoax and suggests that the media has failed to do its job to uncover the truth. Sarah Palin has not been willing to provide a birth certificate which would easily disprove rumors. She has failed and refused to provide her own medical records, or those of Trig, which would document the pregnancy or birth. The Empress has failed to even respond to this the story printed in the Business Insider which was provided to her a month ago. Perhaps she should ask Trig to issue a statement that it was just birth-by-innuendo.

In this story out tonight, Sarah Palin may have to deny claims against Todd saying that it just Innuendo that he suggested to a woman he had seen her naked through a hole in the wall.  He went so far as to describe the color of a very private part of her body.


The National Enquirer broke the story that Todd Palin had paid Shailey Tripp for sex.

It was Shailey Tripp, the person most knowledgeable about the encounter(s), that reported the information. Thus she was not reporting what someone told her. She was not insinuating that she had sex with Todd.  She said she DID!  To this day Todd, the only other person with personal knowledge of the relationship,  has not denied the relationship. It was Sarah Palin who said:

It was “just guilt by innuendo, nothing else.”

“Heck, all they had to do was ask me or ask Todd himself, ‘Hey Todd, you been hanging out with hookers in Anchorage?’ and he’d tell the truth.”

I asked him, but never got an answer. Maybe he was afraid to answer for fear that he would feel compelled to tell the truth?

Dave Parker of the Anchorage Police Department said:

“”It was just guilt by innuendo, nothing else,”

Now, Joe McGinnis’ book is being discussed in multiple articles on the internet, referencing a sleep-over Sarah had with Glen Rice. It was not Sarah or Glen Rice who refudiated this claim, but instead Todd Palin. He said:

“This is a man who has been relentlessly stalking my family to the point of moving in right next door to us to harass us and spy on us to satisfy his creepy obsession with my wife.”

“His book is full of disgusting lies, innuendo, and smears,”

Todd, not Sarah, released this formal statement which again used the word “innuendo”:

“This is a man who has been relentlessly stalking my family to the point of moving in right next door to us to harass us and spy on us. He traffics in innuendo and falsehoods.

It must have been humiliating for Sarah to defend Todd, so that Todd wouldn’t have to lie about his relationship with Shailey Tripp. Likewise, when Todd was asked to deny Sarah’s sexual adventures, he must have been humiliated too. Payback’s a Bitch.

The only innuendo in each statement was the suggestion that Todd and Sarah had NOT had affairs. The innuendo is “payback’s a bitch” (the female dog kind).

The following is fiction. It is not true. John Burns, the Attorney General of Alaska never sent Todd Palin this e-mail, or if he did I wouldn’t know about it. Because over 2000 emails were withheld or redacted, we may never know the extent of the e-mails that were generated from and to the Governor’s office. The list of document withheld was 189 pages. That’s not 189 pages of documents withheld, but the list of the thousands of documents that the Government of Alaska withheld was 189 pages. Sean Parnell, the Governor who took office after Palin resigned,

was the same person who appointed John Burns as the Attorney General, and it’s the Attorney General in Alaska who is the final arbiter of any ethics claims that relate to Sean Parnell or Sarah Palin. Thus the governmental arrangement in Alaska is that the person charged with making sure the current and past Governor comply with the Alaska Ethics Code is a person appointed by the current or past Governor. Sean Parnell is the same person who came to power by the grace of God and Sarah Palin. Sean Parnell, the current Governor of Alaska, who derived all of his power and influence in Alaska from Sarah Palin, is the same guy who decided what e-mails should be withheld or redacted. Thus, put your coffee down, get some Kleenex, and laugh with me at the Expense of Sarah and Todd Palin, Sean Parnell, and John Burns.


This e-mail was found in a dumpster, with some used condoms that advertised the words, “Sarah Palin in 2012.” 


Date: (smeared)

From: John B.

To: The First Dude

Re: The Circle of Life

Hey Dude!

Fishin with u this weekend was great! Bristol Bay rocks! I’ll bring the beer next time.

I jus wanna remind u that I won the contest fur the biggest fish.

You can pay up the last weekend of the month. The wife is gunna b gone to visit her mom in the lower 48 so anytime your girls have time that Sat. or Sunday would be fine with me. Just tell them to stagger the time they arrive so it’s not obvious that three are visiting at the same time.

As I was drivin home from Bristol Bay and the sun was setting

I had a moment of clarity, of inspiration, and I think I heard God singing a song to me. He sounded a lot like Elton John, but Elton’s gay, so I’m sure God was not trying to imitate him.

Ya know. When Sarah resigned she caused Sean to become the Governor. He appointed me. I saved you and Sarah a ton of money and grief when I dismissed that Ethics Complaint filed by that ugly blogger, that Litman girl. Now I get my own TLC reality show, Common Sense Corruption. I make $1,000,000 for doing the show. The people of Alaska pay for it through tax credits. British Petroleum buys the tax credits for a fraction of the deduction they get to offset their billions from drilling on the North Slope. You used to work on the North Slope, so you naturally get reimbursed for back pay from BP. Sarah gets her presidential campaign funded by BP, which doesn’t have the appearance of impropriety since she quit her job. Everyone gets what they deserve. It’s like the Circle of Life.

It’s all clear to me now. I understand that everything is inter-related.

You don’t have a college degree, and neither do your kids.

I have a law degree, but it is from a college that no longer exists.

Alaska doesn’t have a law school, so we don’t have to follow the law.

Bristol has a child but is a Virgin.

Sarah lost the election but is Undefeated.

The Palin family believes in abstinence, and Sarah, her mother, Bristol, and Track’s wife all abstained from using birth control.

Sarah Palin was appointed to the Oil & Gas commission as the Ethics officer, and she resigned when she was done being ethical.

Sarah’s television show was named “Sarah Palin’s Alaska” because it was a reality show and the reality is that she owns the people in control of the state.

Sarah said in Sarah Palin’s Alaska that she’d rather be a celebrity playing outdoors than in some stuffy old office, so she quit.

Sarah says she loves Alaska, like she loves her family. She leaves her family like she leaves Alaska.

Sarah bends the law and she will only drink from bendable straws.

Sarah didn’t know where Ronald Reagan went to college but she acted as if she did.  She also didn’t know who Paul Revere was, or where he want to college, but acted as if she did.

Sarah has spoken about “squirmishes,”  and knows about them because of her experience with you. 

Sarah thinks the North Koreans are our allies  because the only friends she has are those she has paid off.

Sarah works with Fox News, so they know her limitations well.

Sarah tells the government to get out of the way, because as Mayor of Wasilla and as Governor of Alaska, she helped the government go broke, so we have no more money to give her.

The Anchorage Police Department and the Alaska Attorney General are “public servants” so they are doing their job if they serve Sarah Palin.

If the Governor can’t get her relatives out of jail who can? When Diana, your sister was caught burglarizing a house on several occasions, with the help of her small child, Sarah got the charges reduced to a misdemeanor. When Track, Bristol, and Willow all had problems with the law the only real problem they had was deciding which police officer they wanted to drive them home.

There are an estimated 400,000 teen births to unwed mothers annually in the United States, which is more than half the population of Alaska.  Those babies are often abandoned by their fathers, and the people of Alaska are often abandoned by their politicians.

Sarah doesn’t favor raising taxes on the wealthiest Americans, and she is one of the wealthiest Americans.

We live in a busy world where people find it hard to keep up with the many challenges of daily life. Between career demands, social obligations, the daily challenges of getting meals, washing clothes, cleaning out the car, visiting the doctor , paying bills, filing taxes, and dealing with childcare, most of us go to bed at night finding sanctuary in sleep. Reading about politics and watching the news is a luxury for many. Especially when the perception is that most politicians are corrupt it seems a waste of time to focus on the details of any particular ethics claim. After all, the person making the determination of whether an ethics violation occurred is a politician. Whether or not there was in fact an ethics violation by any given politician may be unclear if the ultimate arbiter is a politician. If a police chief or an entire department is controlled by politicians then any action undertaken by that department  may be the result of political posturing.

When the Anchorage Police Department issued the press release to the National Enquirer at the request of Sarah Palin’s attorney, it appeared that a Municipal Police Department was voluntarily involving itself in politics. When the Police Department refused to issue a retraction or modification of their “Press Release” even after agreeing that the previous “Press Release” was inaccurate and misleading, it seemed obvious that there was a lack of objectivity. I personally asked the Governor of Alaska to address this issue recognizing that he is a politician, and in spite of the fact that he would likely be biased in favor of Sarah Palin.  He never responded to my letter.

After the Anchorage Police Department issued its false and misleading Press Release the headlines across America indicated Todd Palin was not involved in a prostitution ring.  People read the headlines and looked no further. Who had the time to review the police records to determine if the Press Release was consistent with the police’s own records. We may never know whether Todd was in fact involved with a prostitution ring but we can be darn sure that the press release issued by the Anchorage Police Department was false and misleading.

Likewise with the Ethics complaint that I filed against Sarah Palin that was dismissed by the Alaska Attorney General was not examined for its potential validity. Instead the headlines reported that the Ethics Complaint was dismissed. It would take a lot of time for anyone to review the statute, the undisputed facts, to determine if there might be a legitimate reason to question the ethics of Sarah Palin receiving compensation from Jean Worldwide of $2,000000 for a movie she made which qualified for a tax credit of $1.2 Million as a result of a law Palin signed during her term as Governor. If the Attorney General, a politician, dismissed the ethics complaint, then Sarah Palin must have acted ethically???

Knowing that most Americans read the headlines, and do not consider the substance of a story, Sarah Palin is “undefeated” in her ability to manipulate the news. She never said Todd had not been involved in a prostitution ring, and neither she or Todd ever said he did not have sex with Shailey Tripp. Instead she relied upon the Press Release her attorney obtained from the Anchorage Police Department. She said “Just Ask Todd, Have You Been Hanging Out With Hookers”. 

I did ask Todd, and invited a response, but of course got none.

To date Todd Palin has never denied his sexual involvement with Shailey Tripp.  What did he have to lose if he denied the involvement, unless of course he was lying?

Now with this claim of an ethics violation, Sarah Palin has used the same tactic.  She had her attorney submit his comment to Conservatives4Palin and then she referenced his article in her Twitter comment. Her actual Twitter post is:

C4Palin Conservatives4Palin

by SarahPalinUSA

SarahPac: Yet Another Anklebiter’s “Ethics” Complaint Bites the Dust #tcot #palin

2 Aug

Once again Palin failed to deny that she signed the legislation, that she received the $2,000,000 within the two year limitation of the ethics law, or that she violated the ethics law. Instead she simply made reference to her own attorney’s comments on the web site of her fans, conservatives4palin.

America can no longer afford to rely on headlines to determine what we should really think about politicians or celebrities. Unfortunately because the news media is focused on ratings, and cost management, it is much easier to write a headline and not investigate the facts behind the headline. Reporters focus on current events, but not the “why”. The Alaska AG did in fact dismiss the ethics complaint against Sarah Palin, so that much is true. The real question is “why” did he do that, and was there an actual basis behind the dismissal? I have scanned more than 400 articles that picked up the AP article yesterday, and not a single article investigated the “why.” The reporter who called and interviewed me yesterday from the Associated Press did her job. She wrote an objective article about the current event, and got the story out the same day that I received the letter from the AG. But no one has called today to ask for more information about the “why” or to reach an independent determination about whether the decision had any validity, based on the express wording of the statute.

It is my hope that someone objective will do an independent investigation. I would not have filed the Ethics Complaint if I did not believe in the validity of the claim. Given what I know about the disposition of ethics complaints in Alaska, there is reason to question the outcome of this complaint. Given the background of Mr. Burns, his years of fishing in Bristol Bay, his appointment by Sean Parnell, and his membership in the Republican Party, there is reason to find that he should have recused himself from considering this matter.   I welcome any objective attorney to review the complaint and Mr. Burns’ letter and send us their objective opinion.

A puppet has no brain. It can’t think for itself. It can’t speak for itself. Anything said or done by a puppet is totally controlled by its master. Sarah Palin has a puppet master. His name is Todd.

Michele Bachmann has a puppet master, his name is Marcus.

The “First Dude” of Alaska was admittedly involved in decision making and running of the Alaskan government while Sarah held the title of “Governor.” In almost 3000 e-mails Todd, the puppet master, demonstrated his involvement, which included judicial appointments and negotiations with public employee unions.

Thomas Van Flein, the attorney on retainer by SarahPAC, issued the following Press Release:

“ Todd Palin was, and remains, a close advisor to the Governor. Those in the administration knew this, and the public knew this. There is nothing unusual, untoward, or inappropriate for a spouse of a chief executive to provide guidance, input, and hands on assistance.”

Certainly Frank Bailey confirmed Todd’s role in his book, Blind Allegiance. Documents released in the Trooper Gate matter also reveal the dominant role Todd Played in the firing of Walt Monegan. Todd Palin was reported to have had an “extraordinary” level of access to top state officials, more than a dozen, whom he contacted directly to complain about Trooper Wooten.  In his sworn statement to legislative investigators, Todd was unapologetic about his efforts to get Mr Wooten fired. He said: “I had hundreds of conversations and communications about Trooper Wooten over the last several years with my family, with friends, with colleagues and with just about everyone I could – including government officials.” “I talked about Wooten so much over the years that my wife told me to stop talking about it with her.”  When Sarah told Todd to “stop talking about it with her” she demonstrated her decision to let the matter go. Todd did not stop talking about it and ultimately convinced Sarah to fire Wooten. Thus, the Puppet Master controlled the puppet. Sarah was found to have committed a breech of ethics by firing Monegan, so the puppet was disciplined, but nothing was done regarding the Puppet Master.

Michele Bachmann is likewise controlled by her husband. Michele Bachmann has admitted that she believes her job is to be “submissive” to her husband. Most women, and certainly women in leadership roles in corporate America and politics, object to being told what to do. Most women feel that if they are to be truly independent, they should be allowed to make decisions for themselves. Certainly when making the most personal of decisions, such as whether to go to school and what to major in, most modern women would object to their husband telling them what to do. Not Michele Bachmann. Michele herself explained that God told her to go to law school, to marry Marcus Bachmann, and that Marcus told her to get a post-doctorate degree in tax law. She went even further to explain that this decision was totally contrary to her wishes as she explained that “Tax Law? I hate taxes…but she was certain God was speaking through her husband. “Why should I go and do something like that?” she said. “But the Lord says, Be submissive wives; you are to be submissive to your husbands.”  She obtained a LLM in tax law.

Later when she made the decision to run for Congress, Michele relied upon God and her husband to reach her decision. She and her husband fasted and prayed for three days. According to Michele, her husband said “You need to do this.”After three days of fasting, medical doctors have documented weakness, confusion, irritability, decreased sex drive, and BAD DECISION MAKING. Yet Michele viewed her duty as being submissive to her husband. The Puppet Master had spoken. She ran for Congress.

The most amazing thing is that Bachmann, like Palin, uses her children when it is to her advantage, but declares family to be “off limits” when it is embarrassing to answer difficult questions about their sexual preferences, drug usage, pregnancy, and/or criminal activity. In the Republican debate Michele Bachmann mentioned her 23 foster children three times. Yet when something uncomplimentary is asked about her husband or children, Bachmann declared that her family was “off limits.” When Sarah Palin uses Trig as a prop at the Republican convention or at book signing, she obviously considers him to be relevant. Bristol’s pregnancy was “off limits” unless she was selling photos to a magazine, or writing a book about sexual adventures at the camp site.

When husbands like Todd Palin and Marcus Bachmann take such an active role in the professional lives of their wives, the electorate would be foolish not to consider their involvement. If Todd Palin is involved in making Judicial appointments, then it is highly relevant that he does not have a college degree. If Marcus Bachmann makes decisions for Michele about such important matters as what education and career path she should pursue, then we need to know the position of Marcus Bachmann on all the issues if Michele is running. In order to anticipate what a puppet will do or say, it is critical to understand what the Puppet Master thinks, and how he approaches conflict.

Of course this Code of Ethics is fictional, and compliance with it is purely fantasy. We know the Palin family has no moral code, so this is written for your entertainment only. BEWARE: Use caution while reading this post. Consumption of liquids for the next 3 minutes may be hazardous to ventilation and jeopardize the longevity of your keyboard.




Whereas, the Palin family has been associated with a colorful bus seen on the east coast which is now the object of a trademark violation; and

Whereas, at least one member of the Palin family has insinuated that Paul Revere was a traitor; and


Whereas, some members of the Palin family have been associated with a motorcycle gang, whose name includes a reference to the home of the devil; and

Whereas, the Palin family has been known to embarrass itself by involvement in what some members of the mainstream media might unfairly label as “unethical behavior”; and

Whereas, the Palin family includes burglars, drunks, pot heads, unwed teenagers, people involved with prostitutes, and hunters and fisherpeople without licenses; and

Whereas, the Palin family has been known for violating safety ordinances of Alaska such as seat belt laws; and

Whereas, the Palin family has been known for lies; and

Whereas, some of the Palin family have become proponents of childhood obesity; and

Whereas, some members of the Palin family have used poor judgment regarding sexual relations; and

Whereas, the Palin family desires to become occupants of the White House;

NOW THEREFORE, henceforth the Palin family shall make every attempt to comply with this the Palin Family Code of Ethics. Failure to comply with this Code will result in a fine payable to Sarah, the amount of which will be at her discretion.

1. Any time any member of the Palin family has sex, they promise that they will:

a. Not sell the pictures until getting three bids.

b. Declare their commitment to abstinence before and after intercourse.

c. Ensure that a nanny is in place to care for the child before birth.

d. If pregnancy results, announce your engagement to a partner of your choosing, as long as the partner is someone you have had sexual relations with in the previous two years. The announcement should occur before the birth of the baby, and if the wedding should occur at least two weeks before the birth, there will be adequate time for a shower.

e. If the wedding plans do not materialize, you may not admit to additional sexual relations with other people unless and until you have a signed contract for the filming of a new reality television show.

2. Any time any member of the Palin family pays for sex you must:

a. Get a good deal.

b. Demand a receipt.

c. Pay cash.

d. Within 24 hours of intercourse you must submit a written press release to the Palin family lawyer to be given to the Anchorage Police Department to be issued at the appropriate time.

e. Destroy any physical evidence of the encounter, including but not limited to used condoms.

f. No Palin offspring henceforth shall be named for any prostitute.

3. If any member of the Palin immediate or extended family should engage in a criminal act, you must promise to :

a. Instruct any children who might accompany you in the commission of the criminal act to demand an attorney before answering any questions.

b. If arrested, ask for Police Chief Mew’s phone to make your call. He has our attorney Mr. Van Flein on his speed dial.

c. Governor Parnell has promised only one Palin family pardon per year, so plan carefully!

d. Trig is available any time for an alibi, but he resides in Wasilla so you may only rely upon his help if the crime occurs within a 100 mile radius of Wasilla.

4. Paul Revere is dead so he will not be ringing any warning bells to warn that the police are coming.

5. Because Sarah resigned as Governor, the Palin family can no longer plan on support from the citizens of Alaska, unless a film is involved. PAC money is still available but it is anticipated that the retired and unemployed people giving money will exhaust all of their savings within the next two years, so put your request into Mr. Crawford as soon as possible. Thank You notes can be very lucrative.

6. Speaking of thank you notes, remember to always send thank you notes and enclose copies of Sarah’s two books, Bristol’s book, and a DVD of Sarah Palin’s Alaska. The storage facility is overflowing, so that would be an indication that members of the Palin family are not thankful enough.

7. Use of any illegal drugs is prohibited, unless consumed in the presence of another person who could be blamed if the Palin family member should be arrested.

8. Trig is only available for photo ops Monday through Saturday when his nanny can transport him to and from the event. Sunday is the day of rest for the nanny, and the Sunday sitter is unfamiliar with his routine.

9. Before telling a lie check with Sarah’s Journal of Lies. The lies are organized by date and cross-referenced by topic. Sarah is the mother of family’s lies, so consult with her for advice before fabricating an untruth.

10. The Palin family stands for animal rights and is committed to recycling to promote environmental awareness. Thus any animal killed by any member of the Palin family will be used completely. If there is no market for stuffing of the entire animal, all parts will be mounted.

11. No member of the Palin family is allowed to use hateful names to describe our enemies, unless that enemy is homosexual. If so they deserve God’s wrath, and your too. Any hateful remarks will bring you closer to God, and to Sarah.

12. God is the final arbiter of unethical activity, so if in doubt consult Sarah


When Palin was first introduced to the American public she characterized her family as an “average American Middle Class Family.” The image of the “average” American family has been promoted by Palin herself suggesting that she and her family have been targeted by the “elites” and the “blue bloods”. You might think that Sarah Palin would be embarrassed now to criticize the “elites” given her insistence upon flying in private planes, chauffeur driven black limos, and her extravagant second home in Arizona.

Palin defined an “elite” to be a person who thinks they are better than others and the opposite of the hard-working middle class.

When a non-elitist goes on a “family vacation” and they take a RV, we might imagine the rental of something like this:

We don’t think of this:

Here is what we know about the “average” American family vacation.

1. The bus used by the “family” was most likely a Prevost H-3-45. 

2. There are only a couple of dealers in customized motor coaches of this type. Rob Russell of the Russell Coach Co. is of the few dealers in the Prevost customized motor coaches. I talked with him yesterday.  He provided the following information:

a. Most coaches like the one featured in Sarah Palin’s Alaska and used by Palin on her Bus Tour, are customized buses. The customers specify what type of accommodations might be necessary and the coaches can be finished out to meet a customer’s specifications.

b. The purchase price of such a coach can vary depending on the finish out and would likely range from $450,000.00 to $1,300,000,00. When you see the potential finish out for a Prevost customized motor coach the image of an “average family vacation” would never enter your mind.

c. The cost of the “bus wrap” for Sarah Palin’s bus taken on her recent tour will cost a total of about $35,000.00.

d. It is most likely that Palin leased the motor coach at an estimated cost of $1500.00 to $2000.00 per day. This price includes a driver and does not include the expense of hotels for the driver. Thus lease cost of the bus alone could easily have exceeded $40,000.00 for just 20 days of bus rental which might be a conservative estimate of the time required for the bus rental as there would be time required before and after the trip to wrap the bus, unwrap the bus, and travel to and from the location of the trip.

The FEC filings for the SarahPAC are difficult to understand in part because the “Itemized Disbursements” may provide general descriptions like “logistical consulting” and “merchant fees.” However it is clear that the cost of this “family vacation” far exceeded the cost of an “average” family’s budget for an entire year. This “family vacation” cost at least:

1. $14,000 for the “bus wrap”

2. $10,000 on “logistical trip consulting,”

3. $3,600 to the bus driver

4. $7,000 on lodging.

However many other charges to the PAC were likely related to the family vacation. Thousands of dollars were reflected as “air travel,” even though it is not specified who traveled or the reason for the trip. These charges have dates within 30 days of the bus tour, which began over  Memorial Day Weekend.  Each individual airfare charge is not sufficiently large to expect that they reflect first class travel for Palin or rental of a private plane. In addition there are likely many bills that came in after the June 30 deadline for filing a statement of disbursements for the quarter.

Nothing about the Palin family is “average”. Nothing about this family vacation is “typical.” The only thing about the event that is “average” or “typical” is that when Sarah Palin is involved there will be an extravagant waste of PAC funds. The only thing predictable about the event is that Palin spends money in such a way that it is clear that she is a member of the elite.

Politicians have been associated with sexual indiscretion as early as the creation of our Democracy. We have learned about George Washington and his success as the Commander in Chief from history books, but his prowess in the bedroom is much harder to find. Historians are unable to document what many suspect about the President. When we remember JFK, the first thing that comes to mind might be his assassination, followed by the Bay of Pigs, followed by his affair with Marilyn Monroe.   However it is hard to find any pictures of the two of them together, and the few that exist show the President looking away.

Bill Clinton will always be remembered for his Oval Office adventures with Monica Lesinsky and the dirty blue dress.

 The pictures of Clinton and Lewinsky are limited in number, but are available to anyone with an internet connection.

Today with the international access to information through the internet, cell phones, Facebook, and Twitter we live in a different time. The difference is probably not the sexual exploits of politicians but the ease of access to information and pictures of those exploits. To think that I can access a picture of Anthony Weiner

from my home in Dallas Texas, within hours of the story becoming headline news is an amazing accomplishment of technology, but is also a sad commentary on what is considered “News”. Sex sells. Politicians involved in sex scandals sells even better.

Because name recognition is so important to the ultimate success of a politician, the sexual adventures of a politician or her family are destined to promote name recognition. Consider the name recognition that has arisen from the sexual exploits of the Palins.

1. Sarah- As the mother of five children, the last of whom was born when she was in her 40’s serves as confirmation that she is sexually active. There has also been questions raised about the father of her oldest son.

She has been rumored to have had an affair with Todd’s partner Brad Hanson. 

2. Todd-He has been rumored to have taken advantage of the services of prostitutes.

3. Track has recently married with no advance announcement, without his siblings in attendance, in an outdoor service when his father-in-law was the pastor of a church, giving rise to the question of whether Britta is pregnant.

4. Willow has been rumored to have been pregnant. .

5. Levi Johnston, the father of Bristol’s son has posed naked for Playgirl.

6. Now Mercedes Johnston is also posing nude for Playgirl. 

7. Bristol is the member of the Palin family that seems to have exploited her sexual experiences to the greatest extent.  Her fame, fortune, and potential future involvement in politics is all directly attributed to her sexual exploits. When she was first introduced to the American public she was a 17 year old unwed pregnant teenager.

She capitalized on the image of her sexual exploits at such a young age through dancing with the stars.

Now in a book available in book stores across the country she shares the most private of experiences, the first time that she had a sexual relationship, which she describes as happening at age 15. She has shared her wisdom that “abstinence is not realistic” .”   Later when it was to her financial advantage she became a spokesperson for abstinence, and has declared that, in the future,  she won’t have sex until marriage. This is particularly funny when this is the same person who declared that even though her virginity was “stolen,” she felt that once her virginity was gone, there was no reason to refrain from further sexual adventure. So just to review:

Abstinence is not realistic, but she is now going to become abstinent; and

Even though she is going to be abstinent, there is really no reason to remain abstinent because of that fateful night when Levi “stole” her virginity.

In spite of her lack of experience and education, Bristol has announced that she plans to become a politician one day.  Levi Johnston is a high school drop out  and he is following in Sarah’s footsteps. The high school drop out aspires to be the Mayor of Wasilla.  

It seems that the Palins equate sexual adventure with qualification for political office. Perhaps they don’t realize that most politicians didn’t become politicians BECAUSE of their sexual exploits, but IN SPITE of their sexual indiscretions.  Sexual exploits generate “news.”  “News” generates name recognition.   Name recognition is essential to success at the polls.  We must be cautious that the politicians we elect are the most competent and educated candidates, rather than the most promiscuous.

Criticizing the “elite” is common rhetoric for the Empress.  Declaring her bus tour to be a “family vacation” was insulting to everyone who heard her or saw the bus.  The bus was not adorned not with suitcases tied to the top of a rack on top but with pictures encapsulating the bus including the phrase “One Nation”.

The second quarter SarahPAC filings have been submitted to the FEC that clever Timothy Crawford. He has positioned himself to earn ‘$15,000.00 per month from SarahPAC, for a salary of $180,000.00 per year. No doubt there are other financial rewards to Mr. Crawford that may not be so obvious. he is a whiz with numbers.  Over the next few days I will be posting articles regarding the information obtained from the documents filed by Mr. Crawford.

The most obvious and extravagant expense paid by the SaraPAC was payment to “Fast Signs” which was a “bus wrap” fee of $13,708.44.The first and most obvious question is “’Did the Retired and Unemployed Donors expect that 13 Thousand of their hard earned money would be spent on decorating a bus?

The second question is why would this kind of expense be justified for anyone who had not declared their candidacy, or who was not trying to sell books?

Was this the total expense for the bus wrap fee? According to Rob Russell a salesman with the Prerost RV company, he said that he knew this particular wrap job and the total cost was $35,000.00. His company does wrap jobs too, and he explained that this is a very specialized industry. He indicated that the reason for the expense is that there are fees for the art work, the actual wrap and there is a fee for removing the wrap.

The most important question is “How foolish do you have to be to spend over $13,000 decorating a bus with anything that would constitute a trademark infringement?

Not only would the expense of $35,000 be extravagant, but it would be totally wasted if the art work constituted a trademark infringement. That could result in damages beyond the cost of the wrap. Maybe Sarah Palin asked the supporters of her PAC to make a “leap of faith” as she had done while mayor regarding the unlawful building of the hockey center on property the city didn’t own. IF Sarah Palin didn’t know about the trademark violation, she might be considered foolish. However if she knew in advance that the bus wrap constituted a trademark infringement, then spending thousands of dollars to infringe on the existing trademark owned by another person would be unnecessary, and just plain stupid.

In a letter dated August 10, 2010 Sarah Palin was notified:

“Your actions constitute trademark infringement and unfair competition under both state and federal law, including the Lanham Act (15 U.S.C. §§ 1051-1127). Remedies for such infringement can include payment of actual and treble damages, recovery of profits, reimbursement of attorney’s fees, and may also include injunctions against your further use of the Infringing Trademark and the seizure of infringing materials.”

A representative of the holder of the trademark “One Nation” said:

“I view this whole thing as David vs. Goliath,”

“SarahPAC believes they can get away with walking all over other groups, even those in the conservative movement, simply because they can.”

The only logical conclusion is that Palin is not just foolish, but stupid!



In comments of July 16th I realized that the trademark infringement letter was not sent to Sarah Palin, but that the “One Nation” trademark was allegedly being infringed at that time by persons other than Palin.  Here is the letter.    We might conclude that Palin is only foolish.  Malia


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