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It’s funny that in the same article that includes a question to Newt suggesting that he doesn’t have the necessary discipline and focus to be the President, Huffington Post also reports that Newt and Perry have not filed the necessary 10,000 signatures required to be on the Virginia primary ballot.  Oops! The deadline has passed and write-ins are not allowed in the primary race in Virginia.  Oops!  It seems that if there were a single state where Newt would “focus” on the requirements for running for President it would be his own state of residence, Virginia.   Oops!

Rick Perry’s campaign has not yet offered an explanation.  Maybe Virginians didn’t like what they saw in Rick Perry.


Maybe they will be the next state to have a nuclear waste dump built if Perry should be elected?

Merry Christmas!

On Dec. 22nd I posted an article on Ron Paul’s publications from the 90’s that contained racist remarks.  Several people commented on the post, suggesting I was being unfair to Ron Paul. Today Newt Gingrich is asking some of the same questions.

Romney doesn’t seem to feel to sorry for Newt when Newt says he is “hurt” by the Romney supporters’ ad re Newt’s history of supporting abortions in the case of rape and incest.

Certainly we can understand why Romney feels comfortable attacking Newt on this issue, when Romney told the mother of four children that she should die rather than having a life-saving abortion during her fifth pregnancy. Unlike Newt, Romney thinks women should just suck-it-up.

Put people first” was the chant that echoed in Iowa as Newt Gingrich attempted to give his speech today in Iowa.

There are so many GOP candidates, and ex-candidates, and non-candidates, that it might be difficult to keep up with all the information about each. This is a simple way to test your knowledge.


1. Rick Perry thought Solyndra was:

a. a foreign country

b. a cavernous area of the moon

c. a new flavor of Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream

d. a fatal medical condition that begins with the appearance of pustules on the face and then spreads to the entire body


2. Herman Cain is a:

a. serial adulterer

b. liar

c. heterosexual

d. condemns homosexuality

e. all of the above


3. Newt Gingrich is a:

a. serial adulterer

b. liar

c. heterosexual

d. condemns homosexuality

e. all of the above


4. Rick Perry is:

a. serial adulterer

b. liar

c. bi-sexual

d. condemns homosexuality

e. bigot

f. corrupt

g. all of the above


5. What will happen to Rick Perry’s “Niggerhead” hunting lodge?

a. Nothing

b. The lodge will become a recipient of a $2,000,000.00 grant from the Texas Emerging Technology Fund, and then declare bankruptcy.

c. The lodge will be featured on Rick Perry’s new reality show : “Rick Perry’s Texas.”

d. Rick Perry will sponsor a prayer rally and day of fasting at the lodge and then sell corny dogs for $10.00 each. Pictures with Rick would be available for $1000.00.


6. The British lost the Revolutionary War because:

a. Paul Revere never warned them the Americans were coming.

b. They were waiting for their North Korean allies to help but they never showed up.

c. The British never figured out what a “squirmish” was.

d. The British allowed mentally ill soldiers to carry guns.


7. The GOP candidates that lose the primary plan to do what with their buses:

a. Take family vacations.

b. Turn the buses into broadcasting stations for interviews on Fox News.

c. Park them in a trailor park and take up residence when their book sales decline.

d. Become stunt drivers.


8. The real reason Sarah Palin failed to enter the race for President was because:

a. “Sarah Palin’s White House” was determined to be too unrealistic for a “reality” television show.

b. She couldn’t control the police in D.C.

c. She couldn’t figure out what it is the President does.

d. While on vacation in Columbia she was kidnapped, and nobody would pay the ransom to get her back.


9. What really happened to the “evidence seized” by the Anchorage Police Department that the Judge ordered to be returned?

a. The APD gave it to Todd because he needed a good way to keep track of his clients.

b. Police Chief Mew is using it to support his retirement.

c. Willow destroyed it with the other property when she had her holiday party at the offices of the APD.

d. It miraculously disappeared one night and in it’s place was a note from God.


10. Why is Newt Gingrich still married to his third wife?

a. She isn’t sick.

b. He can’t find another.

c. A & B

d. None of the above


11. Why did Michele Bachmann win the Iowa Straw Poll?

a. She got each one of her foster children to vote.

b. She gave away corny dogs to everyone who voted for her.

c. Voters favored her because she was a good dancer and wanted to see her on Dancing with the Stars.


12. What will happen to Trig now that his mom has no use for him?

a. He’ll star in a reality show called “Are You My Mother?”

b. He’ll write a memoir called “Not Afraid of Mom: My Journey so Far.”

c. He’ll make “abstinence only” commercials.

d. He’ll be the GOP candidate in 2048.


13. What will happen to Todd now that his wife is no longer a politician?

a. He’ll be a stay-at-home husband and keep her panties clean.

b. He’ll be appointed the next Chief of Police for the APD.

c. He’ll start a government-funded clinic for Peeping-Toms.

d. He’ll go into business with his sister.


14. What will happen to Willow no that mom is no longer a candidate, and Willow dropped out of High School.

a. She’ll drive a cab.

b. She’ll become a job creator through her small business know by the name “Willow’s Demolition and Destruction Company.”

c. She’ll take advantage of mom’s studio that is no longer being used and turn it into a meth lab. She will use the APD for the distribution arm of the business.

d. She write her memoir called “The Good and Bad of a Bipolar Mother: A Case Study.”


In the tradition of Michele Bachmann, Rick Perry, and Herman Cain, Newt Gingrich seems to have risen as the GOP frontrunner and is now falling from favor. The Republican establishment, under the leadership of Mitt Romney has made it clear that nominating Newt means the Republican will be defeated in 2012. Romney is working hard to ensure that Newt is perceived as “nuts.”   The Washington Examiner has come out with an endorsement of Mitt Romney. The National Review has published an anti-endorsement of Newt Gingrich. Paul Ryan’s surprise announcement of a new Medicare plan also aims to support Romney’s positioning in the primary battle.  Romney has chastised Gingrich for calling Paul Ryan’s Medicare plan “right-wing social engineering.” Thus it should be of no surprise that Gingrich has begun to decline in Public Polling in Iowa to 22%, which is virtually tied with Ron Paul.

The following is a group of videos that reveal much about Gingrich. Perhaps these represent why Newt is predicted to lose to Obama if he should win the nomination.

Serial Hypocrisy

Chris Wallace vs. Gingrich

Rush Limbaugh thinks Newt doesn’t want to win.

Newt Gingrich’s Reason for Infidelity is Dedication to the Country

Gingrich drunk on Hannity

Why Conservatives Should Not Vote For Gingrich

Don’t you know Sarah Palin is kicking herself today?  Who would have thought she could have earned $1,000,000  by dropping out of the race.  Michael Savage, a conservative radio show host, has offered Newt Gingrich $1,000,000 to DROP OUT.  Silly Sarah declared she wasn’t running and nobody paid her anything to do it.  Maybe it’s not to late to run a write in campaign, and then get somebody to pay her to drop out.  Maybe she could combine that type of campaign with a new reality show and double the money?

Newt Gingrich may be corrupt and immoral, but he is generally perceived to be smart. Conversely, Rick Perry is perceived to be corrupt, / immoral, and stupid.  Thus if Newt and Rick agree on something you can bet it is their common characteristic of being corrupt and immoral that motivates them to agree. Recently both Newt and Rick have touted their respective “optional flat tax” plans. Perry suggests a 20% flat tax, and Gingrich prefers a lower flat tax of 15%. Perry’s personal financial motivation is clear. With a net worth of $2.8 million dollars,  Perry would benefit from a flat tax of 20% by reducing tax on his income by 15%. Newt’s net worth is much greater, estimated to be $20 million dollars.  Newt is smart enough to realize that a 15% flat tax rate would reduce his tax burden by 20% which is more than 15%.

So what is wrong with a more simple flat tax? The answer is “a lot”.  Even the conservative Forbes magazine  points out the problems inherent in a “flat-tax” structure.   Forbes explains that the attraction of a “flat tax” system is that it appears to be a more simplex system. However the reality is that under a proposal like that of Gingrich and Perry, a tax payer would have to calculate their taxes owed under the current system AND under the flat tax system to determine which was more favorable to them. In essence the “flat tax” system advocated by Gingrich and Perry would complicate the payment of taxes instead of simplifying it. Of course every tax payer would opt to pay the lowest amount of tax, so we can be sure that these proposals would guarantee reduction of taxes paid by each of them.

The truth is that a flat tax system places an undue burden on the lower and middle class by removing deductions and expanding the tax base to include every level of income. Moving to a flat tax system shifts the tax burden from the rich to the poor, those who are most effected by taxes and least able to pay. By exempting unearned income like interest or dividends, the working class is supporting the idle rich. In essence a person who works every day and earns minimum wage would pay the flat tax on his/her income, and the income from invested money like that of Gingrich and Perry would be exempt from tax.

A “flat tax” has three main flaws: 1) It seeks to improve something that is already completely equal; 2) It forces middle-class taxpayers to subsidize the wealthy; and, 3) It confuses much-needed tax reform and tax simplification in defining taxable income with the unrelated issue of whether the rate applied to that income is flat or graduated.

A “graduated pregressive tax” is fair. Graduated progressive taxes are FAIR for three reasons: 1) they treat all taxpayers exactly the same; 2) they treat dollars with appropriate difference based on differing levels of marginal utility; and 3) those who receive the most benefit should pay for the disproportionate benefit derived from the system.

Thus even Rick Perry realizes that the less he pays in tax, the more money he has in his bank accounts. Even a stupid politician realizes that he’d rather keep his money than pay it in taxes.

“He’s (Newt Gingrich) probably one of the most dangerous people for the future of this country that you can possibly imagine. He’s Richard Nixon glib. It doesn’t matter how much good I do the rest of my life, I can’t ever outweigh the evil that I cause by helping him be elected to Congress” – L.H. Carter, former advisor to Newt Gingrich

The above quote is from a 1984 article in Mother Jones. The 27 years that have passed since the article’s publication have not lessened the threat Newt Gingrich poses to America. If anything, Gingrich poses an even greater threat as he has surged ahead in the polls, coming precipitously close to becoming the Republican nominee.

What makes Gingrich so dangerous, is that he is completely void of any conscience. He is completely and utterly morally bankrupt. A man lacking a sense of right and wrong, without a set of guiding principles, will do anything imaginable to advance himself and his agenda, which Gingrich has done his entire life.

As many know, Gingrich’s first wife was his former high school geometry teacher, who was 7 years his senior. Jackie worked while raising the couples two children, and supported Newt putting him through undergraduate, graduate and post graduate school. Bob Gingrich, Newt’s stepfather said of Jackie, “She busted her butt for him when he needed her”. She later campaigned across Georgia for Newt as he ran for Congress.  Mary Kahn, a reporter who covered Gingrich at the time stated, “Everyone saw Jackie and Newt as a unit. He was always talking about the family being a team, about family values. It was a constant, and a big part of his campaign”.

“Family values” was clearly just a sound bite Newt used to appeal to a conservative base. In 1974, his campaign advisors discovered Newt was having an affair. He and Jackie saw a marriage counselor, but Newt continued cheating on his wife. One former aide had to direct Newt’s two children away from a car where Newt was receiving oral sex from a woman. Another aide revealed that after a friend’s husband died, he used the man’s death to his advantage. He visited the woman pretending to offer her sympathy, only to try to seduce her.

In 1980, Newt revealed to Jackie he was having an affair, with the woman who would become wife #2, and sought a divorce. While in the hospital recovering from having a uterine tumor removed, Newt visited his soon to be ex-wife, bringing her a divorce papers to sign. He further had a temerity to give her so little in spousal and child support, that Jackie had to rely on her church to help her pay bills. After this was revealed Newt’s popularity in his hometown fell 15 percentage points.

Lee Howell, a friend of Newt’s stated, “Newt Gingrich has a tendency to chew people up and spit them out. He uses you for all it’s worth, and when he doesn’t need you anymore he throws you away. Very candidly, I don’t think that Newt Gingrich has many principles, expect for what’s best for him, guiding him”.

Gingrich would continue to “chew people up and spit them out”, as he carried on a 13 year affair with his current wife, while still married to his second wife. One has to wonder how many others he will use and then throw out should he win the presidency.


In what is likely to make for an interesting Christmas dinner at the Gingrich home, Republican candidate Newt Gingrich’s sister Candace has vowed to, “work really, really hard to make sure that President Obama is re-elected next year no matter who the Republican candidate is”.

It is significant to note that while the thrice married Newt opposes gay marriage as it violates the sanctity of marriage, his sister Candace remains married to her first and only wife Rebecca.

And no, while Newt was invited, he did not attend his own sister’s wedding.


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