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Shughes2853 sent us this link. 

Rachel Maddow explains that Herman Cain’s involvement in the Republican Primary race may have been a joke on the Republican Party. Watch the clip and let me know what you think. Just this weird commercial that has no other explanation is enough to convince me that she may be right. See what you think? Thank you Shughes2853!



Pay attention to the words of the Chief of Staff of Herman Cain. His simple message is:

“We’ve run a campaign like no one’s ever seen.”

“ America’s never seen a candidate like Herman Cain.”

By running on the theme from Pokemon and the Simms, the message of the Herman Cain campaign is clear and unmistakable. The fact that anybody could get so far in the campaign for President with a platform based on cartoons is a sad commentary on the Republican Party and the deterioration in the system of government in the United States. The Republican Party should be embarrassed that someone could rise to the top of the candidates for the highest office in the land and be so ill equipped to serve. We evidently didn’t learn that lesson from Sarah Palin.

Maybe Herman Cain will help us learn that lesson before the 2012 election?

When we elect a President nobody expects him or her to forfeit their sexual life to serve as President. Celibacy is not a job requirement for the President. While Presidents and politicians have a long and colorful history of sexual indiscretions, they usually come to light AFTER they are elected. Bill Clinton didn’t “not have sex” with an intern on his campaign staff, but it occurred  AFTER he became President.  While many people remember that the events took place in the Oval Office, Mr. Clinton is best remembered for his declaration that he did NOT have sex with that woman.

It wasn’t until AFTER Arnold Schwarzenegger became Governor of California that his affair with the housekeeper and child that was the product of that affair, came to light. Anthony Weiner’s famous picture of the silhouette of his manhood became famous not because the image was so impressive, but because Weiner was an elected politician when the picture was circulated.

When Mark Sanford disappeared for four days, it became news worthy not because it was so unusual for a man to be unfaithful to his wife, but because he was the Governor of South Carolina. What we will always remember was the lie he told that he was hiking the Appalachian Trail, while in fact he was having sex with a woman from Argentina,  who was his soul mate.

It is the dishonesty and the disloyalty that makes each of these examples so repugnant. When most people are married they take a vow. The vows might include a statement that “I promise to be faithful and true to my wife/husband. We promise to “forsake all others and remain true to him/her as long as you both shall live.”Thus, an extramarital affair establishes that the married person can not be trusted, is disloyal, and dishonest. It is this disloyalty and the dishonesty that is unforgivable. A husband or wife may never recover from a spouse that has a sexual relationship with another person. However the electorate doesn’t recover from the lie and dishonesty of their elected leader.

When the President of the United States is inaugurated, he takes the oath of office. He declares:

“I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”   If the person taking that oath of office should be Herman Cain, who would believe him?  Up until now leaders of foreign countries might have questioned if Mr. Cain about anything he said about their country, wondering if he even knew anything about their country.  Now he appears to be both ignorant and untruthful.

If a candidate can’t be trusted by his spouse, how could the country ever trust that politician? With Clinton, Sanford, Schwarzenegger, and Weiner, the electorate became aware of their poor judgment and dishonesty AFTER they were elected. Now that Ginger White has come out with the claim that she and Herman Cain had a 13 year affair, it seems that only a fool would trust Cain to be the President. Only a fool with think that anything he says could be trusted. For 13 years he intentionally deceived his wife. If he would deceive his wife, he would deceive anyone.  Gloria Cain probably feels like a fool for believing that her husband was loyal to her.  We will not make the same mistake.

This afternoon an adviser to Cain has said that he will reassess his decision to run for President. His decision will purportedly be based on two things: (1) does he have enough support to go on, and (2) the toll it is taking on his family. . If those are the criteria, surely he will be dropping out soon, as the toll on his family has already been enormous.

“guest” and “What A Maroon” brought to our attention an article  out today about Herman Cain and his mistress, Ginger White. This story is not some anonymous source reporting that an affair occurred. It is instead, Ms. White herself declaring that she had an affair with Herman Cain that lasted 13 years. When Herman Cain’s wife chose not to accompany Herman on the campaign trail, we thought it might be because she knew of the claims of sexual harassment that might be forthcoming. Yet now we might wonder if she was afraid of running into one of Herman’s mistresses. When Gloria Cain said he “totally respects women” did she mean his wife, his mistress, or the women he harassed?  It is interesting that Gloria Cain did not declare that Herman had always been faithful.  It is also telling that Cain’s attorney did not deny the affair.   It must have been a real challenge for poor Herman to have a wife and mistress whose names both started with “G”. I wonder if he ever forgot which one he was with?



In 2010 eighty-eight percent of voters felt that the national economy was in bad shape. Two years earlier, at the end of the Bush Administration, a record 92 percent of voters felt the economy was in dire straits. By November 2010, only 14% of voters felt their own family’s financial situation had improved since 2008. Twenty-nine percent of voters in 2010 reported that someone in their own household has lost a job in the last two years. Nearly two of three voters picked the economy as the single most important issue in their vote – and they voted 53-44 percent for Republicans for House. It was the first time since 1992, that economy voters favored Republicans.   The Republicans were given a chance to address the economic problems.  Instead of working to solve the problems, they have made them worse.  When there was a real issue about whether the United States would fail to raise the debt ceiling and thereby default on our debts, the markets reacted and have not recovered.  Remember when Michele Bachmann, a Republican leader at the time, advocated defaulting on our debt, which had already been incurred?  Remember how the market responded even before the critical deadline had passed?

At the beginning of this year the President appointed the National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform. That commission has been meeting since April 27, 2010, and this bipartisan commission has failed to propose a solution that could pass the Republican dominated Congress. Thus it seems that the Republicans are incapable of making a dent in the economic disaster that has come to define our world today. As the financial crisis in Europe becomes an increasingly real threat to the United States, stabilization of the American economy has taken on more importance and urgency.  Certainly the importance of the economy in the 2012 election will be paramount. Americans are beginning to realize that the Republicans seem to be more focused on their own re-election than working toward solving the economic crisis facing the country. The Jobs Bill that was proposed by Obama, was not passed by the Senate because Republicans were afraid it would help Obama get re-elected. In other words, Republicans did not actually want the economy to improve, as better economic times might inspire re-election of President Obama. Thus the Republican Party wanted the economy to remain in bad shape, thinking that bad times would help them get reelected. Clearly personal political aspirations replaced the commitment of many Republicans to find solutions to  America’s many economic problems. This trend was apparent when John McCain picked Sarah Palin, not because she was the most qualified, experienced, capable vice president, but because he thought she might be able to help him win the election. Now many Republicans seem to be following that same strategy. They would rather risk disaster in the country than do anything that might reflect positively on President Obama.

American voters may be slow to catch on, but after a year of a Republican-dominated Congress proving themselves to be unable or unwilling to improve the economic crisis in the country, we are fed up! The potential Republican candidates have proven …repeatedly….that they are not the solution for which we search. Republicans have rallied behind the womanizer who has established himself as the most ignorant politician about foreign policy ever to appear on the national stage.

Republicans continue to look for another candidate. For awhile there was that crazy woman who was at the top of the polls whose greatest accomplishment was taking in a lot of foster children.

Then there was the excitement surrounding the debate-challenged, racist, sexually diverse,  part-time Governor, from Texas.

Now a man named “Newt” has become the most popular, in spite of his trifecta marriages and his distinction as the first speaker in history to resign after the House sanctioned him for ethics violations.

Thus, it is not surprising that the Democrats are now earning higher favorability ratings than their Republican counterparts, 40% to 30%.  Perhaps this is not an indication that the Democrats are perceived as having all the answers, but instead they are at least looking for solutions. While looking for the solutions to the global economic crisis, the Democrats are not attempting to tell us who we can marry, what medical procedures and vaccinations we are required to have, or the identity of the supreme being to whom we should pray for a solution to the economic crisis.  The nomination of Sarah Palin signaled the decline of the Republican Party.  The rise in popularity of Bachmann, then Perry, then Cain, and now Newt,  is tangible evidence that the decline of the Republican Party has reached catastrophic levels.  With Sarah Palin’s help, the damage done may be irreversible.

Sarah Palin was adept at suggesting that the solution to the national debt was to donate more money to her non-campaign. She isn’t even running for President, but she had the temerity to take money from retired and unemployed people, suggesting that giving HER money would somehow solve the national debt. Herman Cain seems to think that if it worked for Palin, it can work for him too.

Herman Cain seems to adhere to the philosophy that any negative event should be a reason to give him more money. The recent failure of a bipartisan committee to reach agreement on solving the debt crisis has been cited as a reason to give Herman more money. Thus Herman’s solution to the fact that our country has spent too much money, is to inspire people to spend more. This is just one more example of Cain’s ability to turn tragedy into profit. When it came to light that four different women claimed that Cain harassed them, he had a record-breaking fundraising day; $250,000.00. Imagine the funds he could raise if arrested for child-molesting, or burglary. Maybe he will assert that it is the fault of the liberal media that he was born black?? Perhaps his complete lack of foreign policy knowledge is simply a ploy to raise more money for history books.

With one year before the election of 2012, there is no limit to the money Herman Cain could raise. There might be tornadoes,

hurricanes, tsunamis, swine flu outbreaks, and even more allegations against Jerry Sandusky that might be cited by Herman Cain to justify more contributions.  Herman might suggest that last time he talked to God, God said that these tragedies were just a reminder to the country that it was time to make an additional contribution to the campaign to elect Herman Cain. Now that supporters are no longer giving money to Sarah Palin’s presidential campaign, they are free to send their money to Cain.

In case you had a bad day, this will bring a smile to your face!

The GOP candidates have distinguished themselves as bigots. From Rick Perry’s Niggerhead ranch  to Sarah Palin’s endorsement of Dr. Laura using the word “nigger,”  it seems bigotry is a common characteristic of GOP candidates. The casual observer might think that Herman Cain might be more sensitive to racial issues because he is black. The casual observer would be wrong! Herman Cain is also a bigot.

Given the fact that he seems to prefer white women, it appears that race is a factor in his mind. However his bigotry against Muslims has been something of which he seems to be proud. He has stated that he would not have a Muslim in his cabinet. In telling the story of his surgery for colon cancer, the doctor who saved his life was Dr. Abdallah who “sounded too foreign”. When Mr. Cain was advised that Dr. Abdallah was Christian his response was “Hallelujah! Thank God!” This comes on the heels of Cain’s recently expressed belief that the majority of American Muslims are extremists, based on the knowledge of a “very prominent voice in the Muslim community” whom he refused to name.

In the words of Omar Baddar, a writer for Huffington Post,

“This man (Herman Cain) makes Sarah Palin look like an intellectual, and Newt Gingrich like a compassionate ‘Kumbaya’ chorus leader.

While speaking at The Holy Land Experience, a sort of Jesus Over Six Flags amusement park, I can’t help but wonder if Herman Cain posed with the cardboard cut-out of Jesus in jeans on a Harley. I know I personally like to think of Jesus as an old school prophet/savior mixed with Wyatt and Billy from Easy Rider.

Just in case you need a good laugh!

Herman Cain has explained that he couldn’t be bothered by remembering all the women he has harassed, or even with whom he spent the evening. After his total failure to remember anything about the United States’ involvement in the conflict in Libya, Cain asked indignantly:

“Who knows every detail of every country of every situation on the planet? Nobody! A leader is supposed to make sure we work on the right problems, we’re assigned the right priorities. Surround yourself with good people, put together plans and lead. We’ve got plenty of experts, and a leader knows how to use those experts. We need a leader, not a reader.”

In addition to not being bothered with the details of the women he has harassed, or the “squirmishes” in Libya, it seems Herman Cain also refuses to be bothered with the details of his schedule with the press. Cain himself added a new type of detail to the long list of “details” which seem to be more than Herman can handle. Thursday morning he blew off a scheduled meeting with the publisher, editorial page director and reporters at the Union Leader, the state’s largest and most influential newspaper. 

Colin Powell, one of the most respected Republicans in the country said:

“Never neglect details. When everyone’s mind is dulled or distracted the leader must be doubly vigilant.”

I bet Colin Powell won’t be voting for Herman Cain in the primary.

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