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Beck and Palin held the rally in D.C. which was given the title “Restoring Honor.”  Rick Perry, the Governor or Texas, was noticeably absent from this rally.  This was particularly offensive to Rick, since his book, On My Honor, was all about the Honor of the Boy Scouts.  Maybe Rick’s Boy Scout Uniform no longer fit him.  I don’t know if Sarah or Glenn ever had a Boy Scout or Girl Scout Uniform to wear, but I know they didn’t wear it this weekend.  I was a girl scout and worked hard to earn many merit badges.  I know Sarah is younger than I am, so if she was ever a girl scout (which I have never heard her mention), she would be able to take advantage of some of the new merit badges that are now available.

  • Cinematography: This badge has been introduced for celebrities who used to be politicians, and wish they had a talent for something.  B.S. (Beautiful Sarah) has demonstrated her flute playing ability in the Miss Wasilla contest, but since that time talent scouts have been frantically searching for another option.  B.S. made her acting debut in Sleeping Beauty II, but since that time she seems to have difficulty remembering her lines without use of her hands.
  • Fingerprinting: This badge involves taking prints and identifying the unique characteristics of each.  B.S. has an unfair advantage with regard to this badge as she has a lot of friends and relatives who have had personal experience with fingerprinting.  Diana made her mark when she was arrested for burglary, and Todd had personal experience when he was arrested for DWI.  Star Parker has committed armed robbery and shop lifting but it is unclear if she was ever caught, so B.S. may not be unfairly advantaged by her association with Star Parker, at least with regard to merit badges.
  • Couch Potato: The badge involves an in-depth analysis of gender portrayals in the media, or by Senators from Arizona.  The badge is awarded to the scout who demonstrates her mastery of waving and winking to get what she wants.  This was one of the first badges B.S. earned.
  • Sew Glam: This badge introduces girls to the world of creative solutions when you don’t have time to sew on the campaign trail, and you have to buy clothes when you have limited time to shop.   B.S. earned the equivalent of two of these badges by spending $150,000 in two short months.  She epitomizes all the honor is about.
  • Fun with Money: This badge was designed with B.S. in mind.  Never before has any Girl Scout demonstrated an aptitude to having fun with money.  B.S. is a role model for all scouts!  She honors the scouting tradition by making so much money.
  • The Choice is Yours: This badge is awarded to the scout who is willing to make choices that may not be popular, but are in the financial best interest of the Girl Scout.  This merit badge was created in honor of B.S.’s announcement of her resignation as the Governor of Alaska.
  • Art in 3-D: B.S. believes in 3-D art as exemplified by the animal heads in her office.
  • Books: This badge is awarded to the scout who writes books.  Note there is a separate badge for reading, but B.S. has not yet earned that book.
  • Earth Connections: Many people think of the environment and conservation when they think of “earth connections”.  However this badge was designed to be awarded to the scouts who understand that the earth is only here to serve mankind.  Girl Scouts can receive this merit badge by exterminating species of animals, shooting animals from helicopters, initiating a program of financial reward for killing animals, and/or polluting the environment.  B.S. is thus far the only scout to achieve excellence in each of these areas.  She has been awarded 4 Earth Connection Badges, which has resulting in receipt of the Black Star Award.
  • Global Awareness: Girl Scouts appreciate the importance of neighbors, whether living next door or in Africa.  B.S. has demonstrated her kinship to her next door neighbor, by respecting his privacy and building a really large fence for him.  Likewise she had demonstrated her fondness for people around the world by waiving to them.
  • Science Discovery: B.S. earned this award the day she was searching for fossils and discovered the human footprint inside the dinosaur footprint.
  • Oil Up: B.S. has demonstrated her commitment to getting oil out of the ground, regardless of where it may go after it comes out of the ground.  Across this great country, B.S. has become associated with sludge and muck.
  • Dentistry: B.S. has honored and respected dentists around the country by chanting “drill baby drill”.  No one would dispute the fact that B.S. has earned this merit badge.

Given the numerous merit badges B.S. has earned, it is now clear why she was chosen to speak at the Restoring Honor Rally.  She and Glenn Beck, the “lying sack of dog mess” were the perfect combination of people who personify honor.

Yesterday, Aug. 28th , was the Restoring Honor Rally at which Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin gave speeches.  Much has been discussed in the media leading up to this rally.  Criticism has been lodged at Beck for holding the rally on the exact day of MLK’s “I Have a Dream” speech.  As if the date wasn’t sufficiently instructive, Beck chose the exact same location for his rally, the Lincoln Memorial, as MLK’s speech.  We know that Glenn Beck is a “Lying Sack of Dog Mess.”   Thus you decide if you think this was purely coincidental, or whether Beck intended to cast himself in a comparable role to Martin Luther King Jr.

Beck’s contribution to the rally was similar to that of a preacher.  God and religion was the clear message of virtually everything he said.  Here are just a few quotes demonstrating his message of “faith”:

Glenn Beck: “We are 12 hours away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America,” Beck said the night before the rally. “It has nothing to do with this city or politics. It has everything to do with God almighty.”

Glenn Beck “Something beyond imagination is happening, something that is beyond man is happening.  America today is beginning to turn back to God.”

Glenn Beck “Faith is in short supply. To restore America, we must restore ourselves.”

Sarah Palin appeared in a white suit, and even though she didn’t have a halo around her head, we knew she was imagining it to be there.  Palin’s speech was focused on the military.  She told stories about three soldiers and introduced each after her stories about the horrible tragedies they had faced.  One soldier was the lone survivor of a massacre of U.S. soldiers by the Taliban.  One soldier lost both hands in an explosion in Iraq.  The third soldier was a prisoner of war with John McCain.  Unquestionably these soldiers deserve to be honored.  Yet the way they were honored, and the person honoring them, was offensive to me.  Consider these facts:

  1. Each of these soldiers was white, male, and if any of the three were homosexual, it certainly wasn’t mentioned.  I guess Palin wouldn’t ask.
  2. Nothing was mentioned about the fact that the combat mission in Iraq had come to an end.
  3. Virtually everyone in the crowd was white.
  4. Beck made a point of saying that the rally was “non-political”.

The reality is that this rally was very much political.  Extreme Conservative Republicans and Tea Party members were in D.C. this weekend for a conference called “Freedom Works”.  Speakers appearing this weekend in D.C. include Rep. Michele Bachmann (R) of Minnesota and GOP Kentucky Senate candidate Rand Paul. The “Americans for Prosperity” meetings happening this weekend include break-out sessions on “The Ticking Tax Bomb,” “Repealing ObamaCare,” and “Free Speech vs. Media Reform.” ://;

Of the multitude of articles about this event, this home video of a Black man who attended the rally was most enlightening.  This person explained that the rally was “very much about nothing.”  He showed hand-outs people were giving away at the rally that included a reference to the “Rebirth of our Constitution.” However even though he was not a Constitutional Law Professor, he was unclear about why we should abandon our existing Constitution.  He explained that he saw a total of 6 African American people, no Muslims, and no Hispanics.  The man who made this video mentioned that an African American man was honored, but indicated that he (the man making the video) was humiliated by the choice of the African American man being honored due to his obvious lack of intellect.

It is particularly offensive that this rally comes on the heels of Palin’s defense of Dr. Laura’s rant using the N-word 11 times on her nationally broadcast radio show.  It is also offensive that Palin is such a bigot and appears to be proud of violence she has encouraged against Muslims in New York.  While she dropped the reference to “re-loading” in this speech, she did mention the need to “never retreat.”  Palin explained that she was asked to speak, not as a politician, but as the mother of a soldier.  Obviously she is not a politician.  She quit her political position.  Everything we know about the enlistment of Track indicates that he joined the service to avoid jail.  So, instead of having a commitment to defending this country, Track’s real motivation may have been to avoid having a criminal record and having to spend time in jail.  If that is the case, Sarah Palin has once again deceived the American public.  Instead of Americans thinking that Palin raised a delinquent, we now honor her as a mother who inspired characteristics in her son of honor and service.  (By the way what is Track doing now?  Is he working?  Is he going to school?  Is he at home playing video games?).

Palin uses each of her children to promote herself.  When Bristol was pregnant, she used her as an advertisement of Palin’s opposition to abortion.  When she learned Trig would have “special needs” she used him for the same message.  Maybe the reason Palin gave the key note address to the Wine and Liquor Wholesalers Convention in Las Vegas was that she thought she was well versed in the subject because of Willow’s party at an abandoned house where alcohol was being consumed.   When she causes Piper to miss significant amounts of time from school to accompany mom, who’s best interest is Sarah thinking of?

However what is most offensive to me is the fact that Palin and Beck used the memory of MLK Jr. to promote their own self interest.  Martin Luther King Jr. dreamed of all people being judged by the “content of their character.” Beck and Palin get failing grades for the content of their character.

If you missed this one, you need to watch, as the Rally is happening today.

Give the popularity of the post yesterday, Enjoy these videos all regarding Glenn Beck.

Misinformer of the Year

 Nazi Tourette’s

 Glenn Beck on Glenn Beck  discusses many things, perhaps even the cause of blindness.

 Glenn Beck makes fun of blind people, but now we are supposed to feel sorry for him.

 Jon Stewart teaches us about Glenn Beck

 I would never wish that any malady or disease would plague Sarah Palin, Rick Perry, Glenn Beck, or Rush Limbaugh.  I would only wish horrible disease or illness on someone patently evil, like Adolph Hitler, or Charles Manson.  However if you read this blog regularly, you know that I have fundamental objections, and lack of respect for Glenn Beck, and an irreverent sense of humor.   The combination of the two is quite dangerous. On top of that I was a Registered Nurse, before I was a lawyer, so many things that would be personal to most became second nature to me.  Talking about private things became not only necessary, but part of my job.

 When I watched this video and learned that Glenn Beck might go blind, my first thought was “how terrible”.  My second thought was that “Blindness won’t shut him up”.  My third thought is …you know what causes blindness?!!!!  You may be thinking that sometimes the cause of blindness is a brain tumor, but his doctor doesn’t think that’s an accurate diagnosis.  The other common misperception is that masturbation causes blindness.  Rest assured that is only a myth.

 Being the thorough researcher that I am, I have learned some interesting facts.  The internet is full of helpful information, and being the diligent blogger that I am, I must share some of the insight that I discovered today.

Masturbating has been an almost universal practice since history has been recorded.

  • Probably 90 percent of men have masturbated at some time (and many would say the other 10 percent are lying).
  • It is also very common among women, especially since women’s liberation began to enable women to know and appreciate their bodies.
  • All of our body parts perform better if used or exercised, and our sexual functions are no different.
  • Many urologists believe that regular sexual activity is beneficial for the prostate gland, and it doesn’t matter if that activity is with a partner, or solo.


I hope this provides factual information you can use to dispel any notion that Glenn Beck had any control over his affliction.  Maybe Glenn could get Sarah Palin to write a letter to him in God’s voice, explaining to him what a gift it is that he might go blind. While she is composing that letter, perhaps she could also write a letter to Rush Limbaugh, explaining what a gift it is that he has gone virtually deaf.  Rush and Glenn are lucky to have Sarah’s insight and wisdom to assist them in confronting these challenges.

Additional web sites available if you are over 18:

Other dangerous conditions:

Not funny, but I just wanted to be sure everyone saw this video by a Glenn Beck fan of two years saying what we thought when we heard Beck mocking Malia Obama.  Thanks!

In working on my blog for Bill White, I was reviewing some footage on Perry and Beck and just had to share!

Glenn Beck recognized as a great American “hero” and an “honorary Texan” by Rick Perry.

Beck’s history of “leaving families alone”. 
Glenn Beck, is a “lying sack of dog mess”.  
Glenn Beck has Nazi Tourette’s Syndrome.

$16,000 to dine with Dumb and Dumber?! The thought of it makes my stomach turn. If you have that much money to burn, buy yourself a clue. – Torie

P.S. I am not sure which one is Dumber. They are pretty neck and neck in the intelligence department.

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