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Newsmax magazine, the beacon of modern thought, and progressive intellect, in its wisdom has labeled Sarah Palin as a Leader of the “Newer Feminism”.  As a woman, a wife of 25 years and mother to three children, I never wanted a sex change operation until now.  Newsmax identified Palin as an “icon of the new feminism.” If she represents feminism, I don’t want to be associated with that group.  Obviously the Newsmax headline was not written by a woman.   This impression was confirmed upon a little investigation into the make up of the Newsmax team.  Out of 11 Newsmax editors, none are women.   The editors at Newsmax must have failed to notice that in the election of 2008, the majority of the voters for Barack Obama were women.    Eight million more women than men voted for Obama.  Just because Palin is a woman, it doesn’t necessarily follow that she was the woman’s candidate.  Maybe I don’t need a sex change operation after all.  I know Sarah wrote a letter to herself, from “Trig’s Creator”, and it clarified so much for her.  Maybe if I write a letter to Sarah from the “Creator” of women it might clarify some issues for her.  If I send a copy to Newsmax, perhaps they will understand that women have advocated for a decade that gender should not be the reason for our votes, a promotion or the amount of money paid to someone.    Sarah understands that God doesn’t make mistakes, and neither did the 35,900,000 women who voted for Barack Obama.


Dear Sarah:

I know you have been busy lately, so understand that I am trying to help you realize your place in the American society.  You serve a very valuable purpose, which is to remind men and women around the country of the type of woman that most women find embarrassing and humiliating.  For decades we have listened to dumb blond jokes, but these jokes are old and frankly, not very funny.  You have single-handedly created job security for Tina Fey for the foreseeable future (that means as long as we can imagine). Issues that are the most important to anyone who considers herself to be a feminist would necessarily include:

FAIR PAY – You explained in the 2008 campaign that you were opposed to women being paid the same as a man, if she was working the same job, and performing that job as well, or better, than her male counterpart (that means the male worker) as indicated by your opposition to the Ledbetter Fair Pay Act.   Women have been fighting for equal treatment in the workplace for over 100 years.  When you said you were supported the Supreme Court’s decision in the Ledbetter case, where the Court found that Ms. Ledbetter was not entitled to sue her employer of over 20 years for intentionally discriminating against her, you didn’t look like a feminist, or even a person with two x chromosomes.  Your only reason for supporting disparate pay for men and women (that means women are paid less than men for the same job) was that attorneys might make money off of their representation of women who had been treated unfairly.  Frankly Sarah, this position would have been enough to end your career as a politician, but I guess you knew that when you resigned.  You were smart enough to know that your career as a politician was over.  You knew that “no” you would not seek higher office, or you would have finished out your term as Governor (Palin 381).

    Since you resigned you position as Governor you have realized a windfall of $12,000,000.00.  This was my gift Sarah to you so that you would leave women alone.  Don’t let anyone say that you represent the majority of women.  It’s now time to show me that you appreciate all the money I bestowed upon you.  Don’t let anyone else say that you are a representative of feminism.

    REPRODUCTIVE FREEDOM –  Sarah, I know that previously you have said that you were “pro-life”.  Let me explain something to you.  Sometimes, protecting life, means allowing a woman to make the best choice for her.  You can’t always know what the circumstances might be in that woman’s life.  For example, when a woman is pregnant with twins, and one baby is determined to have abnormalities that would prevent him from living outside the womb, and that baby is preventing the healthy twin from developing normally, an abortion may be necessary to save the life of the healthy twin.  If a woman has been raped, and can’t live with the idea of carrying, giving birth and raising the child of the evil perpetrator who raped her (that means the rapist), she might consider taking her own life.  Certainly she is the only one to appreciate the importance of protecting her own life, and an abortion might save her life.  I know you are not in favor of allowing a woman to choose, even in the case of incest. However many girls who are the victims of incest are children and it would be dangerous for them to become pregnant at such a young age.  If their reproductive organs are so damaged by having a child at such a young age, they may not be able to have children later in life.  I know you have five children, but some women might want to have just one, at the right time, and victims of incest might not have that option when adults, if you prevent them from having a choice when they are children.  Thirty Seven years ago the United States Supreme Court recognized that it was a woman’s “fundamental right under the United States Constitution” to terminate or continue a pregnancy in the first trimester of a pregnancy.  The Court explained in 1973 that this decision is one that “should be made between doctor and patient, not legislated by the government.”  Roe v Wade 410 U.S. 113(1973).  This is still the law.  You are not a doctor and you are not part of the government, so it is not your “choice”.

      At the time of Roe, the Court was comprised totally of men, and only two Justices dissented.  Until the decision in Roe, women who wanted an abortion had dangerous, illegal abortions or traveled to one of four states in the entire country where the procedure was legal.  Thus women who were pregnant and had money could afford to travel to have such a procedure performed, but women of limited financial means would seek dangerous procedures, performed by someone other than a medical doctor.  Many women lost their lives.  I know you now have plenty of money, but consider the woman who can’t afford groceries for herself, or her children, and may be feeling desperate.   The people you support help that woman “choose life” but they don’t help provide any financial support for that woman or child afterwards. They don’t even want to pay for health care for the child.

      Ninety five percent of people in the United States have had pre-marital sex.  Given these high percentages, I am not condemning you for not abstaining before marriage, and I am not condemning Bristol for saying that abstinence is “not realistic”.  You might learn from my example, and stop condemning others.

      EDUCATION – Sixty percent of all bachelor’s degrees and half of all PhD’s are earned by women (“A Woman’s Nation Changes Everything”).  In 1963 the “most generally approved role for women” was homemaking.  Over 50 years later, in 2009 half of all families in this great country, where people love their freedom, have come to rely upon the earnings of two parents (Ibid).  In 40% of families women are the primary breadwinners (Ibid).  I know you won the Miss Wasilla beauty pageant, and obviously education was not important for you.  Maybe it also was not important for Todd. However, for most women education is extremely important.  Education is the key that unlocks a life of dependence for women.  Without education a woman may become dependant upon a man or her family indefinitely, as you have seen with Bristol.  If a woman becomes dependant, she and her children may become unable to remove themselves from an abusive relationship with a husband or parents.  Even if education has not been important to you, it is to most feminists.

        MOTHERING – From the moment you paraded Trig before the Republican Convention holding him as a prop; it seems that you have forgotten that I didn’t want people to focus on the fact that Trig has an extra chromosome (Palin 186). Did you think I gave Trig to you just so you could take advantage of the sympathies of other people?  You have dragged Trig to book signing events barefooted and in his pajamas, when you were warm in your coat and hat.  I heard the despair in Bristol’s voice when she called you explaining that it was bad enough that Wasilla knew of the pregnancy, but now the “whole world knows” (Palin 234).  John warned you it would be hard on your family, but you didn’t seem to care (Palin 220).  You have taken Piper out of school multiple times, even to the beach in Hawaii, when school was in session.  The worst thing was your flagrant disregard for the health and well being of Trig.  When you knew you were in labor with your fifth child, your water had broken over 12 hours before, and the flight back to Alaska would be at least 10 hours, how could you board(not a board made of wood) a plane in Texas, taking the chance that Trig would be born during the flight.  Even if the flight attendants and the people in the airport lounge didn’t know you were in labor, I knew.

          Studies have shown that even though women are professionals and are as educated as our male counterparts, (meaning men in the same roles) women are more willing to “downgrade” their careers to enable them to spend more time with their kids (“A Woman’s Nation Changes Everything”).  Many women define success as living a balanced life, not necessarily making the most money (Ibid).  Sarah, honey, it would be o.k. if you didn’t want to have children, and devote yourself to making money.  It would be o.k. to be a stay at home mom and have five children, and devote yourself to the kids. It is NOT part of my plan for you to have five children, one of whom has special needs and to utterly fail to meet the needs of any of your children.


          Trig’s Creator, You Heavenly Father (Palin 187)

          I think I will send this letter to Newsmax by overnight delivery.  It will be cheaper and more expeditious than having a sex-change operation.

          From the moment when Sarah Palin was first introduced at the Republican Convention, we learned that truthfulness was not a virtue she considered to be important.  She had no compunction about reporting that she said “thanks but No Thanks to the Bridge to Nowhere”, even though she originally favored it.  She said that she had sold the Governor’s private plane on eBay, when in fact she had not. Later she said that she opposed earmarks, but in fact Palin had requested, and obtained, millions of dollars of federal tax dollars for Alaska while acting as the Governor.  Some might find the mating habits of crabs or the DNA of harbor seals to be less than an urgent national concern, but obviously Palin must have had a different perspective, about their importance, and/or the characterization of those dollars as “earmarks”.   While the mayor of Wasilla, Palin hired a lobbyist for the very purpose of obtaining earmarks for the tiny town of Wasilla, which boasts a population of less than 7000 people.  For a mere $38,000.00 Wasilla was able to hire a powerful lobbyist who obtained $27,000,000.00 for this previously unknown village in Alaska (Litman 24). Sarah told us that she was a feminist, so of course why wouldn’t we believe her?  The fact that she opposed the Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, requiring fair pay for women doing the same job as a man, or that she made rape victims pay for their own rape examination kits in Wasilla, were obviously not relevant to the issue of Palin’s attitudes regarding the feminist agenda.  McCain’s own campaign manager Steve Schmidt explained that Palin wanted to lie about the fact that her husband had for 6 years been a member of the Alaskan Independence Party. Schmidt also disclosed that Palin advocated telling the American people that she had been completely exonerated by the ethics commission, when in fact the bipartisan Alaskan commission determined that Palin had abused her power and acted unethically.  Thus it is crystal clear that Palin has learned that it doesn’t seem to matter what you have done or said in the past, the important thing is what you say to people today.  Palin has learned that most people have a very poor memory.  Palin has capitalized on the failing memories of her supporters, and now she is teaching that same valuable lesson to John McCain.

          In the election of 2008, the sales-pitch of John McCain, that seemed to be a part of virtually every speech and commercial, was that John was a “maverick”.  As the Republican candidate, trying to overcome the frustrations of the American people caused by George W. Bush, McCain had to distance himself from that image and comparison.  Calling himself a “maverick” was a logical and brilliant solution.  A “maverick” is a person who takes a position or independent stand from a party or group as defined by Webster’s Dictionary. In the election of 2008, McCain and Palin became known as the “mavericks”.  It wasn’t that they relied upon the media to reach that conclusion on its own, but McCain and Palin actively worked to establish themselves as the “mavericks”.  People who knew nothing about the policies for which McCain stood, knew he was a “maverick”.

          It’s only been a year-and-a-half since the November election of 2008.  For the first Seventy-two years of life, McCain flaunted himself as a “maverick”.  Yet in the space of 18 short months, he has either metamorphosed into a Senator who has “consistently” sided with conservatives, or his memory has simply failed (which may be more likely given his age). Now, as of, April 3, 2010, McCain has relinquished his image as a “maverick”.   I guess you can teach an old dog new tricks!  Certainly if your teacher is a much younger, attractive, “perky”, pit bull wearing lipstick, there is no end to the things that might be accomplished.  Truthfulness seems to be unimportant to those who support Palin, and now those who support Senator McCain.

          Sarah Palin will be looking for another job by January of 2013.  Normally I would expect that she has already made enough money to provide for herself for an entire lifetime.  However since Sarah may be responsible for the lifetime support of Trig, Bristol and Bristol’s child, money could get tight, especially given Palin’s legal troubles.  With attorney fees being what they are, Palin may need to get another job.  Sarah may have incurred the additional expense for lawyers, covering things from ethics violations, criminal charges filed against family members, property line disputes, zoning ordinance violations, and wrongful discharge claims filed by Alaska employees like Walt Monegan. Travel expenses have also been extremely burdensome, as private planes that were not sold on eBay can really add to expenses. At least Palin will not have to worry about the expense of a college education for anyone since that doesn’t seem to be a priority for the Palin family

          By 2013, either Barack Obama will have been re-elected and begun his second term in office, or a Republican will be taking office, but it won’t be Sarah Palin.  The American people are too offended by Sarah Palin and her lack of competency as a world leader to ever allow her to be seriously considered for the Presidency.  Poor Sarah will have to find another job.  Her celebrity status will have faded.  People are already paying less to hear her speak.  In Tulsa, Oklahoma for example, she appeared with Glenn Beck, and two different country and western bands. Tickets were priced as low as $150.00. If this trend continues she will have to pay people to listen to her speak.  Moreover, if she has not managed her money well in the next two years or perhaps she had to spend so much money on childcare that she might need to supplement her income.

          Let’s see if we can help Sarah figure out what to do next.  Anchorage has at least eight different career counseling offices to assist Sarah.  The names and phone numbers will be too lengthy for one hand, so Sarah would be well advised to use both hands and feet to record the names and numbers.  Let’s consider the things Sarah has done, and what options might be available to her:

          • Politician – No, definitely don’t stay in this field.  The demands for a politician are too strenuous, there isn’t enough money to be made in politics to support the lavish life-style to which you have become accustomed, and people have started to demand the truth from their elected officials, and that has not been characteristic of your political past.  Before you resigned your position as Governor, your approval ratings in Alaska had dropped to an all time low. Also your record as an elected politician was unimpressive, as you and George Bush seem to have been responsible for McCain’s loss in 2008.  You also resigned from the office of Governor.   Even if you are able to fool people into voting for you once, they generally won’t vote for you again if you quit the job they elected you to perform.    Politicians usually have to articulate some type of policies, and “common sense conservatism” is a motto and not a policy.
          • News analyst – No, that won’t work as you advertised Fox News as standing for “fair and balanced” reporting, but people from Fox News have repeatedly proved that they do not stand for “fair and balanced” reporting.
          • Sportscaster – No, that won’t work as you didn’t work as a sportscaster for long, and when you did it appeared you were reading from a teleprompter, and of course you don’t do that now. You did look cross-eyed when you were not wearing your glasses.  You also appeared a little glassy-eyed when you worked as a sportscaster.  Now that we know about the “other Sarah” from “Game Change”, who has a “glazed over look”, viewers might wonder which Sarah they are watching.
          • Basketball Coach – No, that won’t work as even though most people think you led your team to a state championship, as Lorenzo Benet revealed in “Trailblazer” we know you only scored a total of 6 points in the last three games. Besides you probably wouldn’t like the job anyway because they don’t allow Diet D.P. on the court and we know you don’t drink water as was stated in “Game Change”.
          • Speaker at Right-to-Life Rallies – No, that won’t work as you admitted in your book you considered your “choice” when pregnant with Trig, so the fact that you considered options available to you, discredits you.  Also the fact that you hired Lynn Vincent to ghost write your book, and she admits to having had an abortion, would tend to make people question your sincerity.
          • Rape Crisis Center Counselor. No, that would definitely be the wrong choice for you.  Your suggestion that rape victims should be prohibited from seeking an abortion might suggest that you were being insensitive, and judgmental of people who had experienced horrors that you had never had to face.  The fact that as Mayor of Wasilla you would require rape victims to pay for their rape exam kits might suggest to some that you were part of the problem.  Rape victims might prefer violence toward you rather than being willing to confide in you.
          • Model – No, that won’t work because by the time the election of 2012 is over you will be 48 years old and people are starting to notice that your looks are not what they were when you competed in the Miss Wasilla pageant. One positive consideration might be that because you are now a Grandma, you might find a market for Grandma Gear.
          • Hunter – No, that won’t work because there are a finite number of animals in Alaska, and you will probably have killed all of them by 2012.  A witch hunter might be in your future as you have already established a relationship with one of the premier witch hunters in America.   The problem for you may be that Preacher Muthee, the evangelical whose ministry was founded on a witch hunt in Kenya, may not feel he needs any help, so he may not be willing to train you in the art of flushing out witches. Maybe the Monty Python crew would be willing to give you a few pointers.
          • Author –  Even though “Going Rogue” was a National Best Seller, people seemed to buy the book not for the purpose of reading it, but to get your autograph.  Now that they have it, it’s unlikely that those same people will buy another book.  Consider the fact that if you don’t read, they may not either.
          • Wild Life Advocate for Discovery Channel – No by 2012 the Discovery Channel will likely be out of business as you will have chased away all viewers and sponsors.  Your comment in “Going Rogue”, where you mention the room for Alaska’s wildlife, right next to the mashed potatoes, was not consistent with the image the Discovery Channel purports to promote.
          • Chef – No, moose burgers are not a popular item outside of Alaska, and moose will likely be on the endangered list by 2013.  Taco Bell might be interested in hiring you to advertise their Crunch Wraps, since you seem to be intimately familiar with them.
          • Small Arms Dealer – No, we know you have sold yourself in the past as a lover of guns, but Levi mentioned that you don’t even know how to shoot the guns you love so much, so you might present a risk to your fans.
            Help with Your Resume – It is customary to take a resume with you when you go to an interview.  However in your case, I would say that you “forgot to bring it”.  While we realize that is an untruthful assertion, truth has not been a guiding tool for you in the past, so no need to be sanctimonious now.  If questioned about your resume after telling the interviewer that you simply forgot it, just wink. Normally employers are looking for characteristics in interviewees such as intelligence, consistency, educational accomplishment, and reliability.  I am afraid you fall way below the norm in each of these categories.  You took 5 years to obtain a 4 year degree, and didn’t distinguish yourself in the area of academics in high school or college.    Interviews you did with Katie Couric indicated a lack of intelligence, so I would focus on a job where the skills required do not require thinking, but focus on repetitive task such as an assembly line worker. You have also demonstrated that you are not reliable or accountable as you resigned your positions as the Governor of Alaska, on the City Council of Wasilla, and on the Oil and Gas Conservation Commission.
            Recommendations – Given the limitations above, consider re-locating to a place where people don’t know you as well as they know you in Alaska.  Another consideration might be to return to school.  It seems the perception of you is that you never had the benefit of an education.  While I know you received a college education, most people find this hard to believe.
            Possible Career Alternatives – Consider two different paths for your career. 1.  Impersonator.  Tina Fey has become a very successful comedian, appearing in a hit movie with Steve Carrell, and you look and talk just like her.  Another option to consider might be babysitter.  You have had a lot of children, and you seem to be successful at convincing people that you love kids, so this may be your best option.

          Good Luck Sarah!

          The hypocrisy of Sarah Palin has never been as obvious as her stance regarding abortion and pre-marital sex.  Palin was pregnant when she married, (Benet, “Trailblazer”).  In “Going Rogue”, Sarah Palin has admitted that when she learned that she was pregnant with Trig, she considered her choice.  Palin’s oldest daughter Bristol had a child out of wedlock.  Even though abstinence clearly has not worked for the Palin women, despite Bristol becoming a “born again virgin” that has not stopped Sarah from extolling its virtues, as evidenced by her upcoming fundraiser for the Uptown Women’s Center, which is to be a satellite location for the Downtown Pregnancy Center.

          The  Downtown Pregnancy Center claims to provide, “real answers for life’s questions” by “empowering women through knowledge” the center actually imparts misinformation, distorts facts, and is blatantly untruthful regarding information relating to abortion.

          Today I have obtained the “DPC Doctrinal Statement” which is the form all volunteers must fill out before being approved as a volunteer at the Downtown Pregnancy Center. Consistent with Palin’s purported moral beliefs, and to my horror, this form provides in part:


            1. The Bible clearly teaches the humanity, value and divine creation of the preborn child. (What about the value of all the children who are born to mothers that can’t provide for their children,  to provide food, shelter, or health care?  Are the Republicans who oppose abortion doing their part to support all those children who are born to teenage mothers, and don’t have health care? )
            2. The woman in crisis is a person for whom Jesus Christ died.(Does this mean that if I didn’t have a pregnancy before marriage that Jesus didn’t die for me too?)
            3. The person in crisis is personally accountable to God for her responses and choices.(Would this also require the father of the baby to be equally accountable to God for his choices?)
            4. Professing Christians have a divine mandate to protect preborn life, to promote the sanctity of life, and to promote moral purity.  (For some, this will take the form of prayer, for others counseling, or picketing, etc.) (What about the millions of children who are born to teenage mothers, who never know their fathers, whose mothers can’t afford to raise them, and who never appreciate the importance of an education, because they must work as soon as possible to put food on the table? Is anyone doing anything to protect them?  I didn’t realize that all those people picketing at the Planned Parenthood annual luncheon were acting because of a “divine mandate.”)
            5. It is sin to be silent and inactive as preborn life is ended, and as women continue to be deceived and used as pawns by a money-making abortion industry.(What about the sin of making money off of Right to Life organizations who pay Sarah Palin to deceive their followers?)


            1. God intended for sexual intimacy to occur within the boundaries of a marriage relationship.  Therefore as Christians we are held to a standard of sexual purity and abstinence until marriage.(If this is the case why are women the only ones to fall from grace when a pregnancy occurs?  Why don’t evangelicals perform a DNA test on all babies born to ensure the accountability of the fathers? Can a woman regain her “sexual purity” by simply declaring herself to be a “Born-Again-Virgin?”)

          The Volunteer Application for this Center also asks the potential volunteer questions which include:

          How do you know you are a Christian?

          Have you ever received training to share your faith in Jesus Christ?…If no, are you willing to be trained in personal evangelism?

          If Palin feels it is her role to provide religious guidance to those who believe as she does, or to those who aspire to be as pure as Palin, they are free to make that mistake. If Palin wants to train others in evangelism, she is free to do so, but it should occur in the context of a religious organization, not a political one.  When a politician suggests that she is the representative of all the people of the United States, or even the representative of the citizens of Alaska, and attempts to impose her religious beliefs on the electorate, I take offense.

          It has been 37 years since the Supreme Court decision in Roe vs. Wade, where the United States Supreme Court recognized the Constitutional right of a woman to decide about the desirability of a pregnancy in the first trimester.  I expect all of our elected politicians to follow the law.  In the absence of a change in our laws, Palin has the right to express her religious views in the church of her choosing, but she does not have the right to impose her will upon the rest of the citizens of this country, if her ideas are contrary to the law.  Someone please tell Sarah Palin that it was God’s plan that McCain would lose the election of 2008, that she would resign her position as a politician, and that the American public would see her for the hypocrite that she is.

          The last two days I have focused on Sarah Palin’s apparent unwillingness to do her “homework”.  The particular blogs related to her unwillingness to investigate a Dallas house for unwed pregnant teens, and her unwillingness, or her inability, to investigate risks associated with offshore drilling.  The obvious conclusion is that Palin lacks the education to understand or appreciate the absurdity of her comments.  It seems this is a trend.  Supporters of Palin appear to share her bliss.  It is not enough that you and I appreciate the importance of intellect and education in our leaders.  Intelligence is not a requirement for the right to vote.  Thus, those of us who recognize the importance of education in the leaders of our country must help educate others.

          Sarah Palin was described by a supporter as a “real” person. Since the debut of Men in Black, I have understood that some people were not “real” people.  Yet who would have thought that the realness of a person should be the definitive criteria for determining if the person is qualified to be our President.  We need to make sure that supporters of Palin stop to think about why they like her.  If it’s because she is pretty, sexy, perky or has five children, then its time to re-assess.  Intelligence may be part of a person’s DNA, but only education facilitates the expansion of the myopia with which we are born.  Obviously some don’t have the means to acquire an education.  However most who have the means, aspire to educate themselves.  Those who have an education available to them, and don’t take advantage of the opportunity, seem to be the ones most in need of an education.

          The importance of an education is quite clear. Education allows us to put our potential to maximum use.  A wise man identified two reasons that education is essential:  1) The training of a human mind is not complete without education; and 2) Through the attainment of education, man is enabled to receive information from the external world; to acquaint himself with past history and receive all necessary information regarding the present. Without education, man is as though in a closed room and with education he finds himself in a room with all its windows open towards the outside world.

          People like Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh influence many people and appear to view the world through the same spectacles that Palin wears. Thus there must be characteristics that Beck, Limbaugh and Palin share.  Consider the background of each and the views they share about people different than themselves, and the importance, or lack thereof, that education played in the lives of each:

            1. Glenn Beck was so moved to be interviewing Sarah Palin that he became teary-eyed. Mr. Beck has referred to Palin as “real”, so maybe his characterization of her was memorable to some.  To me it was an indication of the superficial way that Palin supporters view her.  In his first interview, Glenn pointed out that both he and the “Governor” (she was no longer the Governor at the time of the interview) have “special needs” children.  Even though Beck was attempting to tap into the charitable instincts of his viewers, he doesn’t seem to share this charitable spirit regarding other disadvantaged people.  Glenn has criticized some of the families of the 9-11 victims, and referred to the victims of Katrina as “scum bags”.  It’s no excuse that he is a borderline schizophrenic, and has a history of drug and alcohol abuse. Palin has expressed the same lack of sensitivity to people in Alaska who don’t have health care suggesting that their extended families should help out, even though Bristol’s baby relies upon public funded health care.  Beck seems to share Palin’s sensitivity to the needs of those without health care. .

          Beck didn’t seem to identify the importance of a college degree, so he dropped out.  Thus, Palin and Beck seem to have at least two things in common, limited education and special needs children.  Maybe Palin relates to Beck’s drug addiction problems due to Levi’s mother’s arrest for possession of drugs.  Maybe the connection is that Palin’s oldest son Track also had a drug abuse problem, but I have never seen that rumor substantiated.

            1. Rush Limbaugh endorsed John McCain and Sarah Palin, so he must have seen something about Sarah that he liked. What was it about Palin that Limbaugh finds appealing? Maybe it’s that Limbaugh, like Beck and Palin seem to disrespect those who have challenges different than their own. Maybe he, like Glenn Beck, finds it a comfort that Palin doesn’t seem to put a premium on education, since Limbaugh doesn’t have a college degree either.  Funny that the two most well-known conservative talk show hosts don’t have a college degree between them.  Beck, Limbaugh, and Palin have all made a fortune off of their books, so maybe they share that commonality as well. Like Beck, Limbaugh has a history of drug abuse. A trend seems to be emerging.  Beck, Limbaugh, and Palin have each made a lot of money off of conservatives, they each seem to minimize the importance of education, and drugs have affected the lives of each.

          It seems obvious that Palin, her supporters, and those celebrities who endorse her, seem to have very little understanding of the world around them.

            1. Consider the educational level of the people voting for Barack Obama in 2008.  The majority of voters for Barack Obama were women, 35,900,000, with Barack Obama beating John McCain among women 56%-43%. , Women currently surpass men in education, earning more Bachelors Degrees in college than men. This is particularly interesting because McCain chose a woman as a running mate, thinking that his choice of Sarah would cause women to vote for the ticket that included a woman.  John must have failed to realize that most women are younger than he is, and more educated than he.  Maybe if he learned to use a computer he would learn what the rest of us know.
            1. The majority of the U.S. population has completed secondary education and the number of college graduates is greater than the number of high school dropouts. As a whole, the population of the United States is increasingly spending more years in formal educational.
            1. College education is highly valued by American society and is one of the main determinants of class and status.  As a general rule the households and demographics featuring the highest educational attainment in the United States are also among those with the highest household income and wealth.

          “US Census Bureau report on educational attainment in the United States, 2003″.

            1. In Sarah Palin’s family Todd, her husband, does not have a college degree and   none of her children are college graduates.  Levi, the father of Sarah’s grandchild, never attended college.  I mention this not to disparage Levi, but to highlight the fact that Sarah’s children seem to have internalized Sarah’s lack of value placed upon education.  The number of days of school Sarah’s children have missed because they were accompanying Sarah in her travels seems to bother me, but not Sarah.  For example, when the press was focused on Sarah wearing a visor to the beach in Hawaii, with John McCain’s name marked out, I was more concerned about Piper being on the beach taking a vacation with Sarah during a school week, than about the visor.

          Most American families plan vacations around the kids’ school schedules, with the clear message to our kids that you don’t just skip out of school to lay on a beach.

            1. Sarah herself seemed to lack an appreciation for education.  Even though the high school she attended was not particularly rigorous, she often made C’s, and making a D in foreign language was not uncommon.  When it came to choosing colleges, Sarah made this critical decision, not by her course of study or the excellence of the professors, but based upon where her three friends could also gain admission, and where she thought the weather would be favorable. Rebuttal to the Rogue.  Thus, dropping out of college in Hawaii when the weather was not what she had hoped was certainly a predictable result.  It took Sarah five years to attain a four-year degree in Broadcast Journalism.

          Palin said…

          “In these volatile times when we are a nation at war, now more than ever is when we need a commander-in-chief, not a constitutional law professor lecturing us from a lectern.”

          Palin seems to identify education as a limitation, not an asset.  However, ignorance breeds social discord, and studies consistently show that a lack of education is one of the biggest factors contributing to the rise of terrorism and fundamentalism (Strauss, 2008 Strauss, Daniel. September 19, 2008. Fighting Terrorism With Education. Certainly the newspapers have recently been filled with references to violence and terrorism, which seems to have been incited by those lacking an education.

          Martin Luther King Jr. said:

          Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.”

          Sarah Palin is Dangerous!

          Sarah Palin has established herself as uninterested in school work, and evidently that same character trait translates into being uninterested in doing research on fundraisers she is agreeable to doing.  As long as the “charity” is willing to pay her fee, it seems it doesn’t matter how honest or truthful they are.  If they can pay her fee, Palin will evidently appear.  Palin is scheduled to speak at fundraiser in Dallas on April 26th.  Even though the fundraiser is advertised on a web site called Palin4Life, proceeds (I am sure AFTER Palin’s fees and expenses) from the event are purportedly going to be donated to establish the Uptown Women’s Center, which is to be a satellite location for the Downtown Pregnancy Center. Do not be fooled by these innocuous sounding names. These are not medical clinics; in fact, there is not a single doctor listed as part of the staff at the Downtown Pregnancy Center.  Despite Downtown Pregnancy Center’s claim of providing, “real answers for life’s questions” by “empowering women through knowledge” the center actually imparts misinformation, distorts facts,  and is blatantly untruthful regarding information it provides relating to abortion, the types available, the abortion procedures, and possible risks associated with an abortion. The Downtown Pregnancy Center will not even provide its patients with the names of any clinics that perform abortions, even if a patient asks for this information.

          On the website for the center,, the medication Plan B, also known as the morning after pill, is listed as a “chemical abortion”. This is patently false. Plan B is an emergency contraceptive that prevents implantation, but will not terminate an existing pregnancy. As explicitly stated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), “Plan B is emergency contraception, a backup method to birth control… Plan B works like other birth control pills to prevent implantation.  If a fertilized egg is implanted prior to taking Plan B, Plan B will not work”. ( To refer to Plan B as a “chemical abortion” is deceitful and dishonest.

          The Downtown Pregnancy Center claims that women who obtain abortions face an increased risk of drug and alcohol abuse, suicide and breast cancer. These are yet more distortions and lies. Harvard and Oxford University studies have found that abortions do not increase a woman’s chance for developing breast cancer.  (,

          The American Cancer Society and the U.S. National Cancer Institute affirm the results of the studies. ( The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has noted that the suicide rate among women has decreased since the passage of Roe v. Wade and a 2008 study by the American Psychological Association found that abortion poses no threat to a woman’s mental health. (

          It is clear the Downtown Pregnancy Center shares Palin’s penchant for falsehoods and fabrications and like Palin, this center is not focused on helping women. This center’s aim is to proselytize and coerce often scared and confused women into going through with unwanted pregnancies irrespective of the circumstances surrounding the pregnancies (rape, incest) and the financial implications for the women.

          Because Palin has celebrity status, thousands of women look to her for information and as a role model.  It is criminal that Palin uses her celebrity status to impact the lives of so many young women with false and misleading information.  It is even worse that Palin justifies all she does by suggesting that it was God’s plan.  I am not familiar with any religion that intentionally tells its followers lies, and then expects its people to act based upon those lies.

          The Palin family seems to have difficulty understanding the meaning of words, not words that might be unfamiliar to most adults, but words like “rogue” and “virgin”.  For example, “rogue” is defined in Webster’s Dictionary as “a wandering beggar or tramp; a vagabond…a rascal or scoundrel.”    Either Sarah doesn’t understand what that word means, or she was rather foolish to refer to herself by that word.  Bristol seems to have the same limitation, referring to herself as a “born-again-virgin.”  Webster defines “virgin” as a young woman who has never had sexual intercourse.  Either Bristol has previously had sexual intercourse or her baby was the result of an immaculate conception.

          Sarah Palin has just announced that she will be coming to Dallas in April to raise money for the purchase of a beautiful white colonial style house, complete with black shutters, which is featured on the website,  I had the impression from the website that this home would provide a place for unwed mothers to live during their pregnancy.  However after great effort, I have learned that this organization does not even provide housing for teenagers who are pregnant, and certainly isn’t focused upon pregnant girls in Dallas of limited financial means.

          Caroline Klein of the Downtown Pregnancy Center (the organization that Palin purports to benefit by her appearance at this dinner), confirms that the house is not intended to provide a place to live for ANY teenager who is pregnant.  The purported reason for the Uptown location is to meet the needs of Southern Methodist University (SMU) college students.  For those readers who don’t live in Dallas, SMU is located within Highland Park, which is home to some of Dallas’ wealthiest people.  The current facility run by the Downtown Pregnancy Center is not staffed by a medical doctor and the current facility does not provide contraceptive services or abortion services. Services it does provide consist only of pregnancy testing, sonograms, and they provide “counseling services” to pregnant teens regarding options of adoption, keeping the baby, and abortion, but they refuse to provide any reference to any clinics that perform abortions.

          By limiting contraceptives and education regarding them, we are necessarily increasing the national debt by promoting dependent mothers and children.  Palin has made hundreds of thousands of dollars speaking to right-to-life organizations, yet her grandchild, the product of an unmarried teenage pregnancy, receives health care through public assistance. The hypocrisy of this gesture is enough to induce morning sickness.

          Consider the fact that Texas teens lead the nation in having babies, as reported by the Dallas Morning News, Nov. 5th 2007.    Texas’ policy is to deny contraceptives without parental consent wherever possible and to push an abstinence-only sex education program.  Compare Texas to California where teen birth rate dropped by 47% during the same period where the state teaches abstinence, but also explains contraception at school, and provides birth control to teenagers free, without parental consent required.  Ibid.  The United States has one of the highest rates of unintended pregnancy in the industrialized world, which translates into over 3,000,000 unintended pregnancies each year.  In Texas 18% of women aged 15-44 have incomes below the federal poverty level and 33% of women in this age group are uninsured.  Ibid. In 2005 a mere 464 publically funded family planning clinics in Texas provided contraceptive care to 540,620 women, including 138,050 sexually active teenagers.  Every public dollar spent on family planning services saves the federal government three dollars in Medicare costs for prenatal and newborn care.  Ibid.  Given the efforts Palin has devoted to talking about the federal deficit, it seems she would be in favor doing anything we can to limit the federal funds spent on Medicare.

          The most appalling thing to me about this entire event is that Palin is obviously doing this for the publicity.  Yet Palin supporters seem to view her as a noble, virtuous, and the champion of the right to life movement.  The reality is dramatically different.  Palin herself was pregnant before she married.  Her oldest daughter had a baby as a teenager, had difficulty completing high school due to the pregnancy, and now lives with her parents, upon whom she and her child are dependent. Lynn Vincent, the ghost writer of Palin’s book, has publically admitted that she had an abortion.

          Other observations and questions related to this event include:

          1. You may purchase a Bronze seat for dinner at this fundraiser for $1000.00; Silver seating, dinner, attendance at the VIP reception, and receive a program listing for $10,000.00; Gold seating is $25,000 for two seats, the VIP reception, and program listing; and if you are either really wealthy, or very foolish, you can purchase 4 Platinum seats for $75,000.00.  Why wouldn’t you purchase two tickets separately and save $5000.00?  Do they just think the people paying for these tickets are just too stupid to figure out the best way to buy the ticket, or are those involved with organizing this event just not very adept at using a calculator?

          2. Maybe Palin is coming back to Texas because she is pregnant again.  At least this time she will be on a private jet so if she gives birth on the plane the other passengers will be people she knows.

          3. The website will only accommodate the purchase by one person of 30 $1000.00 tickets, 20 Silver or Gold tickets, and only a single Platinum ticket.  I think if you want to buy more than one Platinum ticket, it would only be fair that you be allowed to do so.

          4. Robert Wilonsky of the Dallas Observer inquired about whether this organization was listed as a 501(c) (3) organization, and so far the organization is not listed on the IRS’s Publication 78 Web site.  See,  I too called the IRS this morning, and consulted the IRS web site and there is currently no listing for a 503c (3) organization known as Palin4Life. Since Tom Leppert, the mayor, is going to introduce Palin, I consulted with the mayor’s office and “Ashley” with Mr. Leppert’s office didn’t know anything about the event.

          Abortion is an emotional issue for many.  It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that if you want to prevent abortions and limit the national debt the best way to do both is to provide family planning services to teenagers.  The house for which Palin purports to be raising money doesn’t provide a place to live for pregnant teens, it doesn’t provide contraceptives, and it doesn’t provide referrals to girls who might want to opt for an abortion.  When so many teenage girls in Texas need help preventing unwanted pregnancies, and facilitating their independence, it seems a total waste of money to focus on buying a home to serve as a center for girls who attend SMU, and who probably already have the financial means to get the services they might need.

          Bristol may have become a celebrity due to the notoriety of her mother. This is the 21st century. Ninety-five percent of people in the United States have pre-marital sex.  It is so common that it has been described as “universal”. It’s time to accept that in the real world, there are no born-again-virgins.

          For over a year, I have immersed myself into all things Palin. I have listened to a multitude of interviews given by Sarah Palin, read many blogs, reviewed articles and listened to news programs to learn all I could about the celebrity, Sarah Palin. Painful as it was, I even read “Going Rogue”. I thought I had seen her do all that a person could do to offend, but I was wrong.  Palin’s unbridled audacity has amazed me once again. On her Facebook page Palin posted a note wishing all Jewish people a Happy Passover.  Superficially, it is a nice note.  However I was amazed that Palin would pretend to embrace or respect Judaism, when she doesn’t. If you only read her note, you might think I am being too harsh, so let me explain.

          My husband is Jewish and we have celebrated Passover together for at least 27 years.  I was raised Catholic, and while I haven’t converted, my kids are all being raised Jewish.  In my home we celebrate both Christian and Jewish holidays, and respect the right of everyone to celebrate their chosen faith.  Even though I don’t agree with Palin’s view of religion, I respect her right to worship as she deems appropriate.  She fails to respect beliefs different than her own.  Palin’s feigned respect for Judaism is misleading and insulting.

          Reform Jews, which constitute the majority of Jews in this country, allow women to become leaders of their communities, including being Rabbis.  Evangelicals teach that a woman should be subservient to her husband. Jews embrace, and include in their congregations people who are gay and lesbian.  Palin’s church teaches that homosexuality is something they should seek to “overcome”.,8599,1837918,00.html.  If homosexuals would just pray harder, they would miraculously turn into heterosexuals.  Jews do not believe that Jesus was the son of God, and Evangelicals, like Palin, believe that a person can’t go to heaven unless they believe Jesus to be the son of God.  I guess Sarah believes that my husband and kids are going to hell.  It is these differences in religious belief that caused me to question the sincerity of Palin in wishing all Jews a “Happy Passover”.

          The following are things you should know about Palin’s religious beliefs:

          1.  One of the preachers in Palin’s church, is proud of the fact that he went to Africa, hunted witches, found some, and banned them from the town.  Halleluiah!

          2.  The executive director of the National Jewish Democratic Council, Ira Forman, cited the “cultural distance” between Palin and almost all American Jews.

          “She’s totally out of step with the American Jewish community,” he said. “She is against reproductive freedom – even against abortion in the case of rape and incest. She has said that climate change is not man-made. She has said that she would favor teaching creationism in the schools. These are all way, way, way outside the mainstream.”

          3. Palin has a connection to Jews for Jesus and she has supported anti-Israel Congressman Ron Paul as reported by the National Jewish Democratic Council.

          4. During the limited time Palin was Governor she signed a proclamation during Christian Heritage Week in October, which stated in part:

          “WHEREAS, the celebration of Christian Heritage Week, October 21-27, 2007, reminds Alaskans of the role Christianity has played in our rich heritage. Many truly great men and women of America, giants in the structuring of American history, were Christians of caliber and integrity who did not hesitate to express their faith. Some of their legacies are evidenced as follows…WHEREAS, George Washington enunciated, “animated alone by the pure spirit of Christianity, and conducting ourselves as the faithful subjects of our free government, we may enjoy every temporal and spiritual felicity.”

          (If you would like to read the full text of the proclamation, See,

          5. Sarah Palin’s churches are actively involved in a resurgent movement that was declared heretical by the Assemblies of God in 1949 and illustrated in the documentary, “Jesus Camp”.

          6.  Palin seems to believe that everything happens because it is God’s plan.  Thus, she didn’t have to worry that she wasn’t prepared or qualified to be the Vice President because it was God’s plan that she be selected. (“Game Change”)

          7. Sermons given at Palin’s church, Wasilla Bible Church, clearly depict anti-Jewish mindset.  For example, consider the sermon of David Brickner, “The Jerusalem Dilemma”, Wasilla Bible Church, 8/17/08

          Brinker stated the following in his sermon:

          “In fact, Israelis don’t even know how to say Jesus’ name in Hebrew, which is Yeshua, but they call Him ‘Yeshu.’ And Yeshu…it’s a name that…it’s not really a name. It’s a name that was given to Jesus by medieval rabbis who wanted to actually pronounce a malediction, a curse, on Him. And so ‘Yeshu’ is actually an acrostic for “Yimach

          Sh’mo V’zichro,” from the Psalms, a malediction that says “May his name and memory be blotted out.”

          God never forces His way on human beings. And so because Jerusalem was unwilling to receive His grace, judgment was coming. He says, “Look, your house has left you desolate!” What did He mean by that? Remember where He is. He’s standing in the temple there in Jerusalem, the place where God had promised, through Moses, “There I will meet with you, there I will hear your prayers, and there I will forgive your sin.” And now Jesus in that temple, just before going to the cross, says, ‘From now on this place is desolate.’ And Jesus’ words have echoed down through the centuries. Not a generation after He uttered this promise, Titus and his Roman legions marched into that city and destroyed both the city and the temple. And from that day until this very present there has been no temple, and there is therefore no sacrifice in Judaism. Only we could sacrifice in…the only place was in the temple. And therefore there has been, and there is today, no confidence of atonement, no confidence of forgiveness. If you were to stand outside of a synagogue on the day of atonement and ask those leaving the service, “Did God hear your prayers? Were your sins forgiven on this most holy of all days?” the answer would be, “I hope. I hope, but who can know?” Who indeed but those of us who have come under the wings of the Almighty, who’ve entered into that place of grace where forgiveness is assured for the dilemma of human life.

          ‘You will not see Me until you can acknowledge Me as the One who’s come, as the stone once rejected by the builders, but now the chief, until you say “Jesus, You’re the Messiah!”’

          When my family conducts our Passover Seder, the last page of our prayer book includes a concluding prayer:

          “…And let us pray that all humankind, freed from violence and from wrong, and united in an eternal covenant of mutual esteem and love, will celebrate a universal Passover in the name of the God of Freedom.”

          Sarah Palin does not seem to adhere to the notion that all of humankind should be freed from violence and wrong when she herself inspired violence by posting targets on her Facebook page identifying those Congressmen who voted for health care reform, and making a reference to “re-loading”.  I don’t think Palin knows what a “covenant of mutual esteem and love” would include.  Even if she “loves her neighbor”, there are no Jewish Temples in Wasilla, so Jews wouldn’t fall under the strict definition of “her neighbor”.

          Two days ago, I posted a blog expressing my outrage at a recent poll reported by Newsmax, identifying Palin as “now leading the GOP field as the party’s preferred candidate for president”.  (See,, Money Corrupts Newsmax and Palin.)  Today we have proof that Newsmax mislead us.  Politics Daily reported on March 29th that “…the overall public sees her negatively, by a 55% to 37% margin”, based upon a Washington Post poll. -tea-party-but-gets-high-negatives-from-general-public. Seven percent of the people polled were undecided.  The really frightening thing is that 37% of people still think she is the “preferred” candidate, or that 7% of people are still “undecided”.  I disagree with many politicians on a variety of issues.  Yet I haven’t written an entire book about them.  Even though many people in the country are more conservative than I, they don’t inspire me to devote hours each day writing a blog about them.

          What scares me about Sarah Palin?

              1. It’s not just that she lacks intelligence, but what scares me is that she doesn’t know how limited she is.  She didn’t blink when John McCain asked her to be his running mate.
              2. It’s not just that she hunts and takes pleasure from killing animals, but what scares me is that she doesn’t seem to feel any remorse about inspiring violent behavior in people.
              3. It’s not just that she believes that abortion is wrong; it’s that she feels it is her place to impose her will on other women.
              4. It’s not that she objects to homosexuality, but that she feels it is appropriate to ban books from the Wasilla library regarding homosexuality.
              5. It’s not that she is a Caucasian; it’s that she seems to lack respect or appreciation for cultures other than her own.
              6. It’s not that she is an Evangelical Christian; it’s that she thinks the answer to our country’s problems is to seek divine intervention.
              7. It’s not that her pastor hunted witches in Africa, but it’s that Sarah didn’t find anything objectionable about it.
              8. It’s not that she is a woman, but it’s that she believes that women should defer to men in decision making.
              9. It’s not that she says she is in favor of cutting taxes, but it’s that she raised taxes while the mayor of Wasilla.
              10. It’s not that she says she is opposed to earmarks, but that she hired a lobbyist for the purpose of obtaining earmarks for Wasilla.
              11. It’s not that she changed her position on the Bridge to Nowhere, but that she wouldn’t admit that she did.
              12. It’s not that she doesn’t have a law degree, it’s that she lacks the common sense required to prevent her from spending millions of dollars building a hockey center on property the city didn’t own.
              13. It’s not that she has five children, but that she uses her children to gain political advantage.
              14. It’s not that she gives speeches around the country to right-to-life rallies, making hundreds of thousands dollars; it’s that she hired a woman to be the ghost-writer of her book who publically admits that she has had an abortion.
              15. It’s not just that she was found by an Alaskan investigative panel to have behaved unethically, it’s that she told the public she had been completely exonerated.
              16. It’s not just that she uses Trig to advertise herself as a proponent of kids with special needs, it’s that she endangered him by boarding a flight from Texas to Alaska, after her water had broken, after she knew she was in labor, and when she knew it was her fifth pregnancy.
              17. It’s not just that she advocates “abstinence”  teaching, it’s that she was pregnant when she married, and that Bristol has had a child out of wedlock after Bristol and Levi were living in Sarah’s house when she “probably knew” they were having sex.
              18. It’s not that she resigned her position as Governor of Alaska to make money, it’s that in the same speech announcing her resignation she had the temerity to say that she is not a “quitter”.
              19. It’s not that John McCain wouldn’t endorse Palin after the election; it’s that Palin doesn’t seem to mind that McCain is using her again to endorse him for Arizona Senator.
              20. It’s not that she advocates “common sense conservative values”; it’s that she doesn’t seem to know what policies that would include.
              21. It’s not that she is a wolf, but that she wears the clothes of a sheep.

          Regardless of your political persuasions, we should all be aware of the inherent dangers of Sarah Palin.  A person, who pronounces nuclear as “nucular”, should never be trusted with the codes.  A person who thinks Africa is a country should not be entrusted with the security of our nation.  This is not about politics.  It is about competency, intelligence, deceit, and honor.

          “Rebuttal to the Rogue”, is available on  I have no ulterior motive in promoting the book as all proceeds are being donated to Planned Parenthood.  This is a book that documents why Palin is so dangerous to the country, and specifically to women.  How could I complain about Sarah Palin, if I weren’t willing to spend the time to document why Sarah Palin is so frightening to me?  We must all work together to ensure that people know who Palin is, and what she actually DOES, instead of what she SAYS!  Especially our Republican friends need to know who the real Palin is.  We must make sure that we never come so close to a national disaster as we did in 2008.  Please help me get the word out!  Tell your friends about this book, this blog, or just why they should expect more out of a Republican candidate.   I respect another person who may have an opinion different than my own.  If we have fundamental differences of opinion about how to govern, I will respect the opposition…as long as it is not Sarah Palin.    Please help educate the 37% of people who think she is “neat” and the 7% of people who are “undecided” that this country can not afford to have Sarah Palin as our leader.  We have only 1 ½ years to educate people, so we better start today.   Sarah is not blinking.  We must. If you are reading this blog, you understand the urgency.  If you have any ideas about how to defeat her nomination, please post them.

          If you need a link to show your friends who may not have the time or inclination to read “Rebuttal to the Rogue”, just send them to:

          If you are as tired as I am of Sarah Palin, and you just need something to make you smile, see Tina Fey on Letterman at:

          See Letterman’s Recap of Palin:

          See Matt Damon on Sarah Palin:

          Dear Sarah,

          I know you have recently been campaigning for John McCain in Arizona in his race for re-election to the Senate.  Of course you feel a debt of gratitude. Your nomination by John, as hurried as it may have been, catapulted you into the national scene, making millions of dollars for you and your family members.  How lucky for you that a girl from Wasilla, Alaska with a very limited education and history in public service could be chosen for one of the highest offices in the country.  How lucky for you that you won the Miss Wasilla Beauty Pageant, so you were well qualified in the eyes of John McCain.  I know you hadn’t gotten to travel much outside of Alaska before your nomination.  Now, thanks to John McCain, you have gotten to travel all over the country by private plane.  I know before the election that no one cared about baby pictures of your grandchild, but now magazines will pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for the pictures.  I know before this election you didn’t have a lot of friends, but now you have over a million on Face Book!  Way to go Sarah.

          The Arizona Senate race won’t actually occur until November of 2010.  John will be having a birthday before then, and I wanted to give you plenty of time to make all the arrangements for an appropriate party.  On Aug 29th John will turn 74 years old.  Wow!  John is amazing!  If he makes it to his birthday, he will have outlived his own life-expectancy.  Most men in the United States are lucky to live to the age of 74( but John isn’t letting that minor detail deter his race for yet another term.  Maybe it’s a good thing that he doesn’t use a computer so he doesn’t know what his life expectancy is.  If he is elected in November, and if he lives out his full term of six years, he would then be 80 years old! He is a high achiever for sure!

          Precautions you might want to consider for his party:

          1. Have am EMT standing by just in case there is a medical emergency.  During the election there was an issue about whether he was a potential candidate for a stroke. (See, McCain gets lost on stage 9zA0x5Sg&annotation_id=annotation_576692&feature=iv;

          See also,

          McCain’s Left Eye Droops (Video) | Bitten and Bound

          Sep 25, 2008 )  It’s his left eye that seems to give him problems so take the birthday photos from his right side.

          2.  Let Cindy buy the gifts as she still has more money than you.

          3.  Don’t invite Lilly Ledbetter to the party as John didn’t vote for fair pay for her and I think Lilly is still a little miffed about that.  She also would have a hard time affording a gift since she was underpaid for most of her career.

          4.  Don’t invite Justice Sonia Sotomayor.  I know  John thought :

          “There is no doubt that Judge Sotomayor has the professional background and qualifications that one hopes for in a Supreme Court nominee.  She is a former prosecutor, served as an attorney in private practice and spent twelve years as an appellate court judge.  She is an immensely qualified candidate.”  See,

          but he still voted against her confirmation.

          5.  Tell Cindy and Meghan to take the duct tape off their mouths so they can sing happy birthday….remember the duct tape they put over their mouths when they were protesting the don’t ask-don’t tell policy.

          6.  Don’t let John tell any jokes at the party as some of the women attending the party might not think his jokes about rape are very funny.

          7.  If a lot of John’s friends can’t make it, maybe you could get some of the older people from the local nursing home to come…you know the ones in the wheelchair and using the walker who served as the witnesses for your wedding.  Oh yeah, they probably are no longer around, so maybe you could take some of your kids since their school seems to allow them to miss school any time you wish.

          Good Luck and have a great party!   Malia

          Just Say NO to BS

          The Ignorance of Sarah Palin

          Rebuttal to the Rogue


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