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Geoffrey Dunn points out the willingness of Sarah Palin to disparage the President and lie at the same time.  Attempting to make herself relevant, Sarah Palin, the quitter, who isn’t running for President, relays a “secret” she kept with the Secret Service, that wasn’t kept secret.  The “secret” she was talking about was of no political significance.  The real secret known between Todd Palin and David Chaney is the real “secret” that may surface sooner than later.

When electing the President of the United States, character is important. Regardless of party, or political ideology, we must first assess if the person on the ballot has the personal integrity of a potential leader of the country. Some have suggested that Mitt Romney is part of the “elite” and unable to relate to mainstream America. However, Mitt Romney has recently illustrated a “Can Do,” attitude that made America great. That American spirit is embodied in his latest declaration that if elected President, he’d build the Keystone Pipeline “if I have to do it myself.”

Mitt is just that kind-of-a guy. Imagine if he were President how he would handle these events:

1. If Ann Romney had to ride in a wheelchair, he’d install trailer hitches on the back of both Cadillacs so she’d have something to which she could tie herself,

And Seamus could drive.

2. If ,during a Romney administration, an oil spill occurred, and dumped 4.9 million barrels of crude oil into the Gulf,

Mitt, with his “Can Do” spirit, would have bet $10,000 that it wasn’t anyone’s fault.

3. If shoes had been thrown at Romney during his term as President, he’d have his secret service agent take his off and throw them back.

As a fiscal conservative, Romney would know that his own Testoni Shoes might not be recovered, as replacing those shoes would be a waste of tax-payer money.

4. If a tsunami devastated Haiti during his term as President, Romney would have had his personal trainer give swimming lessons to some of the kids in Haiti at the local YMCA.

5. If a Nuclear Reactor was damaged in Japan due to a tsunami, Romney would have sent some cookies from 7-11 to the people of Japan.

6. If Tornados swept through the Midwest, Romney would have one of his aids send a hand-written sympathy card.

7. If the car elevator in his vacation home malfunctioned, killing the chauffeur, he’d personally remove the body before calling the repairman.

8. If a young black unarmed teen were killed during his term as President, Romney would vow to eat a bag of skittles in his memory, and declare that the teen looked like each of his sons, if they were black.

9. In a Romney administration, he’d mandate that all Secret Service agents pay the agreed upon price for any services received.

10. If Romney lived in the White House, he’d only allow Caucasian men to cut the lawn, to ensure that no illegal aliens would be employed during his tenure.

11. If Romney were elected President, and Ann needed a refill on her birth control pills he would insist that the prescription be refilled by an illegal alien so they could be deported if caught.

12. If Romney were elected President, and he were in a position to nominate a Supreme Court Justice, he’d save the country a lot of money by picking a Judge who wouldn’t worry about those pesky civil rights. 

13. If Romney were to secure the GOP nomination, he’s the kind of guy that would not be so foolish as to pick someone like Sarah Palin as his running mate. Unlike Palin, he reads the newspaper, and everyone knows that Charlie Sheen is the preferred candidate to Sarah Palin, by a 41-36 % margin.


 Stephen Colbert highlights the problem with the Prositutes your kids will have to pay for.

Don’t Miss Jon Stewart’s comments re Palin’s Pin.

Here is a little bit of humor at Palin’s expense.  Evidently the game was to come up with the best captions for this picture:

I was too late to submit my entry, but these are the ones I would have sent if the deadline hadn’t passed:


1.  How long do I have to look at these pictures before the photographer gets my picture?

2.  Where are the funnies?  I thought they always had comics on Sunday!

3.  There is Todd’s name in the classified, but why did they put his ad in the pet column?  When he advertises “cougar” doesn’t the mainstream media know he’s not advertising a pet cat?

4.  Who reads these long articles anyway?

5.  I thought they advertised the television schedule in the newspaper, but the lame-stream media lied again!


What would your caption be?

David Chaney is the Secret Service agent who resigned as a result of the Colombia scandal involving prostitutes. He is also the Agent who posted the Facebook picture of he and Sarah Palin with a notation “I was really checking her out, if you know what I mean?”  He is also the agent that Shailey Tripp has said was introduced to her by Todd Palin. So the question is “Who is David Chaney?” The best information I could find came from a blog post written by Vincent Palamara. Vince has a degree in Sociology. Vince has devoted substantial time to investigation of the Secret Service regarding the assassination of JFK. He has corresponded with over seventy former Secret Service Agents in addition to interviewing family members, White House aides, and medical witnesses regarding the assignation. He has written two books. Vince has been favorably mentioned in over 50 JFK and Secret Service related books to date. Vince Palamara has become known (as he was dubbed by the History Channel in 2003) “the Secret Service expert.” As former JFK Secret Service agent Joe Paolella proclaimed: “You seem to know a lot about the Secret Service, maybe even more than I do!”

Needless to say Mr. Palamara seems to be much more knowledgeable about the secrets of the Secret Service than most reporters.

The following facts

have been reported by Mr. Palamara regarding David Chaney:

1. David Randall Chaney, 48, posted several shots of himself on duty in a dark suit and sunglasses, including one that shows him behind the former Republican vice presidential nominee during her 2008 campaign.

“I was really checking her out, if you know what i mean?” Chaney wrote in the comments section after friends had marveled at the photo. He is married and has an adult son.

2. Chaney was a supervisor in the Secret Service’s international programs division.

3. Chaney retired under pressure last Wednesday due to allegations that he and other agents participated in a night with prostitutes while in Colombia, preparing for Obama’s visit to the Summit of the Americas.

4. Chaney has worked at the Secret Service for almost 20 years.

5. Chaney has worked for a significant amount of time in the Presidential protection detail and was based out of D.C.

6. The Secret Service announced Wednesday that Chaney would be dismissed from the agency along with two other agents.

7. The attorney for Chaney has refused to comment regarding the allegations against Chaney.

8. Chaney’s duties in the international programs division have been identified as “supervising a department that provides support and administrative help to the agency’s foreign offices.”

9. Calls made to Chaney’s home and cell phone have not been returned, and the door of Chaney’s home in northern Virginia has not been answered. There is a silvery 4z4 Ford pick-up parked outside Chaney’s home which advertises stickers with an outline of Texas (Chaney’s home state) and the words “SECEDE” on it.

10. Chaney’s father was also a Secret Service agent.

11. Chaney’s connection to Sarah Palin when the Facebook post of David Chaney revealed pictures of him on duty, assigned to Sarah Palin. In one photo Chaney is standing near Sarah Palin.

In the comments section next to the photo, a friend remarked that Chaney appeared to be “lurking in the shadows” behind Palin. Another person commented that there seemed to be “real chemistry” between the two.

Chaney posted: “I was really checking her out, if you know what i mean?”

Another friend asked if one of the buttons on Palin’s lapel was emblazoned with Chaney’s face.

“well if it was could you blame her, anything to satisfy a stalker,” Chaney wrote in his reply.

12. In another set of Facebook photos, Chaney documents a trip he took with his grown son to Egypt. One photo shows a voluptuous belly dancer in a revealing bikini-like top and tight, sequined skirt positioned between him and his son.

Thus it seems that there is no real controversy that Chaney was involved in the prostitution scandal in Colombia, or that he previously came in contact with Sarah Palin during the 2008 campaign and thus Todd Palin would have likely met him as well. Based on the report of Shailey Tripp it seems that Todd Palin introduced Chaney to Shailey to allow him to take advantage of her services. The connections between Todd Palin, David Chaney, politicians, and prostitutes are unmistakable. Todd Palin will not be the First Dude, and nobody seems to want to make a reality show about him. David Chaney is no longer employed with the Secret Service. Shailey Tripp is no longer working for Todd. Chaney knows a lot of hookers in Columbia. Todd evidently has a lot of clients. Maybe they could go into business together. They could name their new business “SARAH’S SECRET SERVICE.” Palin obviously knew this agent as she said she hoped that his wife send him to the dog house and made a joke referring to President Obama saying: “as long as he’s not eating the dog, along with the former boss.” The joke was in references to Obama’s Dreams From My Father, in which he wrote about eating dog meat in Indonesia as a child. Palin showed really bad judgment making that slam on Obama. Perhaps a more enlightened comment would have been that he should be fired before the 2012 election because if Romney should win you know what he does with dog houses!


Hope you enjoy this funny late night comedy about the prostitutes and secret service agents.  Have a good Sat. night.

For almost four years we have listened to Sarah Palin criticize President Obama. Even though President Obama was elected by a majority of Americans as the Commander in Chief, Palin has not once acknowledged that President Obama has accomplished anything noteworthy. Even when the President presided over the Navy Seal team who killed Osama bin Laden, Palin gave credit to George W. Bush, when bin Laden was killed.

When Obama gave an incredibly moving speech to remember those shot and killed in Tuscon,

commentators around the country, Republican and Democrat, praised the message Obama conveyed to the people of Tuscon.

However as President Obama was calling for civil discourse, Sarah Palin turned this national tragedy into political rhetoric. Palin claimed that she was the victim of a Blood Libel.

Three-fourths of Palin’s speech addressed blame, during which she mentioned the results of the 2008 and 2010 elections.  Those comments had nothing to do with the loss of life in Tuscon.

Now with the recent scandal involving Secret Service members who compromised their mission while in Columbia, Palin has once again used this non-political scandal as yet another opportunity to criticize President Obama. Palin said:

“The buck stops with the president. And he’s really got to start cracking down and seeing some heads roll. You know, he’s got to get rid of these people at the head of these agencies where so many things, obviously, are amiss,” she said. “Our president has poor management skills.”

Sarah Palin’s statements drew a sharp rebuke Friday from the White House. Chief spokesman Jay Carney dubbed it “absurd and politically motivated.” He said:

“It is preposterous to politicize the Secret Service.”

It was refreshing for the White House to respond to this attempt to turn an a-political scandal into a direct attack on the President. This criticism by Sarah Palin was particularly offensive, coming from the Queen of all quitters. To suggest that the President has “poor management skills,” because secret service agents in a foreign country took advantage of legalized prostitution is an example of just how far Sarah Palin would go to disparage the President.

Palin also blamed the President for recent actions of soldiers in Afghanistan. Jay Carney, on behalf of the White House fired back at Palin. He said:

“It’s a ridiculous assertion that trivializes both the very serious nature of the endeavor that our military is engaged in, in Afghanistan, and the very serious nature both of the work that the Secret Service does.”

Even Greta van Susteren noted that the pictures of Sarah Palin with David Chaney where he said he was “checking her out” were taken in 2008, during the Bush administration.

What is even more offensive is the fact that less than one year after the photos were taken of David Chaney and Palin, Palin quit. She couldn’t handle running the state that had the third smallest population in the country. Alaska has only a few more people than Vermont and North Dakota.

Perhaps an even more significant contrast would be to consider the number of government employees in Alaska, which is estimated to be 77,600. The Federal Government has 2.65 million employees.  Moreover, before Sarah Palin quit being the Governor, her own husband was not just having sex with prostitutes, but was arranging for other men to do so as well. Prostitution in Alaska was illegal. Officer Rollins in Anchorage wasn’t urinating on the dead bodies of enemy soldiers, but was raping women while he was supposed to be protecting and defending the people of Alaska.  When it comes to poor management, perhaps Palin should consider her ability to manage her own home, before she throws stones at ANYONE, much less the President of the United States.

David Chaney is one of the Secret Service Agents that was involved in the Colombia scandal. He has now  “retired under pressure.” It wasn’t obvious that he had a connection to the Palins, until Sarah Palin herself gave an interview indicating that Chaney “checked her out” during the campaign of 2008. . Shocked that Palin would use the phrase “Boys Will be Boys,” I featured an article about Palin’s interview, and the peculiar comparison of herself and the prostitute in the Columbia scandal.

In a comment to that article, kcrystalwolfgl,, brought to my attention a post made by Shailey Tripp on her blog regarding David Chaney. That comment was:

‘Now I have reviewed the picture of the one secret service agent who in his FB wrote about her and posted pictures. It was completely unprofessional and creepy of him to do that. When I saw his picture I was stunned. Todd Palin had introduced me to him and two others as people he worked with. I assumed at the time they must work with Todd. Boy was I wrong. Todd encouraged me to give them a good time, make sure they were taken care of, and suggested to me they may need more than a happy ending. I hope the secret service will investigate other trips these agents have been on and I hope other people will come forward. These men do not respect women, by engaging in this behavior they put all women at risk, they violate their work ethics and morals, and they put us all at risk, and they put our national sexurity and President at risk.”

It now appears that there is another “scintilla”  of evidence connecting Todd Palin to prostitutes.  His name is David Chaney.  He posted pictures on his Facebook page showing his association with Sarah Palin and prostitutes.

I wonder if we will soon read about “press release” from the Columbian police department suggesting that it is just “guilt by innuendo” that David Chaney had sex with a prostitute in Columbia, or that David Chaney had met with Shailey Tripp, the ex-prostitute, after being introduced by Todd Palin‘, or that David Chaney paid Todd for the introduction to Shailey?



Pat commented that you can hear the Sound of Silence.

The problem is not that Mitt Romney is rich. The problem is that he is clueless.  In a recent visit to Pittsburgh, Willard insulted the people gathered around a picnic table by suggesting that the cookies waiting for him were not even home-made. In an accusatory fashion he asked if the woman to his left baked the cookies, since he could tell they looked like “7-11 bakery cookies.” In fact the cookies came from an extremely popular bakery in Pittsburgh, and the people preparing for the meeting with Mitt thought they were providing a special treat for him by getting the real thing…Bethel Bakery Cookies.

Some of the country’s wealthiest people would have never made such an insulting comment to the people around the picnic table. Sam Walton might have asked to take the left-over cookies home in his old beat-up pick-up truck.

Warren Buffet might have asked for the recipe, or inquired about buying an interest in the bakery, but he would have never made such a demeaning remark to the very people who were trying to do something special for him. Warren Buffet has been consistently ranked as one of the wealthiest people in the world.

Not surprisingly Buffet is an Obama supporter. He has explained that it is fundamentally unfair that his effective tax rate of 17.7% is lower than the 35% tax rate of his secretary.

Obama agrees. Romney does not. Romney has explained that the reason people with a lot of money pay a lower tax rate is that they are simply smarter than the people paying a higher rate.

The implication is that if Romney were President he wouldn’t worry about the poor, because they are not smart enough to realize what they are missing.  His attitude is clear. Mitt isn’t credited with the phrase “Let them eat cake!”, but the diamond studded cupcakes mentioned in this interview makes us realize that he would likely give the same answer to solve the plight of the poor.

I wonder if Mitt was expecting a Frrrozen Haute Chocolate dessert instead of cookies from the local bakery? I wonder if Ann Romney thinks the $25,000.00 dessert is the stay-at-home mom’s answer to having a busy day and not finding time to bake dessert?

The fact that Mitt Romney has an ira of $100,000,000.00 would certainly qualify him as “wealthy.” Having income of $42,000,000.00, and an effective tax rate of 13.9%,  might put Romney in the “smart” category. However his comment about 7-11 cookies indicates that he might be labeled as clueless as some other rich people who said:

1. “It’s so bad being homeless in winter. They should go somewhere warm like the Caribbean where they can eat fresh fish all day.” —Lady Victoria Hervey

2. “I always lived very frugally. I flew around on a private jet. I had a boat. But I always lived very frugally.” —billionaire financier and alleged Ponzi scheme operator Allen Stanford

3. “What was hard [during this recession] was giving up my live-in maid five days a week. My daughter said, do we really need somebody? So I cut back, and I just hired somebody for two days. And you know, it kind of brought our family together. We cook together more as a family. Normally when the housekeeper was there cooking for us, my husband would be off with the paper and I would be on the phone with my friends and the kids were doing homework. I do have the woman make one extra dinner for us though, and one or two nights we do order in, and a lot of times we will go out.” —Real Housewives of New York City star Ramona Singer

4. “I have not been to my house in Bermuda for two or three years – and the same goes for my house in Portofino … How long do I have to keep leading this life of sacrifice?” —Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi

5. “[I’m] insulted by the offer of 10 million per year. I’ve got my family to feed.” —basketball player Latrell Sprewell

6. “It’s the summer season coming up, so my patients must have [plastic surgery] tuneups. But instead of doing liposuction on seven areas, they’re doing three or four. These decisions are so painful.” —plastic surgeon Pamela Lipkin explaining the difficulties of the economic downturn

7. “I can’t understand all the fuss about student grants. Carol managed to save out of hers. Of course, we paid for her skiing holidays.” —British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, talking about how easy it is to save for college.

8. “Don Simpson had no money. Maybe $30 million at the most. That’s nothing.” —producer Jon Peters

9. “What are you getting paid to direct and star in this film?”

—singer/actress Barbra Streisand: “I’d rather not talk about money. It’s kind of gross.”

10. “There’s no way to make everybody rich. I don’t even know if it’s worth the trouble because the life of a rich person, in general, is very boring.”—Brazilian president Fernando Henrique Cardoso

Henry Ward Beecher said:

“It is the heart that makes a man rich. He is rich according to what he is, not according to what he has.”

Mr. Beecher probably wouldn’t consider Mitt Romney to be rich.

It’s not what you think! Sarah Palin has never admitted Todd used women for prostitution. She has never said that Todd made money off of women. She never said that Todd married her to make money off of her. You’re probably confusing what Shailey Tripp said about Todd Palin, with Sarah’s comments about the Secret Service agent.

Sarah has slammed the media for “ginning up controversy.” Yet it seems that it is Sarah Palin who is trying to gin up controversy. With all eyes in the country focused on the prostitution scandal in Columbia,

Palin felt left out. The only logical thing to do was to interject herself into the scandal. But how? That was easy for Sarah Palin. First she has a direct connection to the media through Fox, so she gave an interview on Fox.  In that interview she reminded the listeners of a pervious comment she made defending Herman Cain, for having a 13-year affair, saying “Boys Will Be Boys.” It is amazing that she repeated that phrase as it was sure to trigger thoughts of Todd’s involvement in prostitution as described in Shailey Tripp’s book.

It was as if Sarah, in some sort of twisted logic, wanted to be thought of as appealing and pursued by men as much as a young prostitute. Then to make the point crystal clear she made sure all listeners knew that she was connected to David Chaney, one of the Secret Service employees who was ousted this week in the wake of the Colombia prostitution scandal. It seems that David Chaney had posted several photos of himself on Facebook showing him protecting the defeated Republican vice presidential candidate. In a comment under one of the pictures, Chaney wrote, “I was really checking her out, if you know what i mean?” While these comments may have been somewhat inappropriate, they would surely not be grounds for dismissal. If anything, the Half-Term Ex-Governor must have been flattered that anyone was “checking her out.” To bring attention to these comments, rather than simply not repeating them, Sarah Palin was advertising that the same man who paid money for prostitutes in Columbia, also found her to be attractive.

No interview of Palin would be complete without finding a way to slam the President. Not to worry. She worked that in too. First she suggested a comparison between herself and Michelle Obama, saying:

“The president, for one, he better be wary, there, of when Secret Service is accompanying his family on vacation. They may be checking out the first lady instead of guarding her.”

Palin then indicated that all of these scandals were the President’s fault and due to his “poor management skills.” Was Sarah comparing the management skills of Todd with the President’s? Was she indicating that a better manager would intimidate everyone involved into keeping the information out of the public domain?

When Palin concluded the interview, do you think she was talking about Todd when she said:

“…I have had enough of these men being dogs and not being responsible?”

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The Ignorance of Sarah Palin

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