This is the one you could get from SarahPAC for a donation ranging from $100-$200 dollars.

sarah pac 2015 calendar

These are a much better buy, and much more entertaining.

1. Nuns Having Fun

funny calendar one

2. Awkward Family Photos

funny calendar two

3. Cow Yoga

funny calendar three

4. Yoga Dogs

Yoga Dogs Clendar

5. Funny Golf Pictures

funny calendar five

6. Underwater Dogs

funny calendar six

7. Cow Abductions and Other Alien Phenomenon

cow abductions

Bill Maher made a joke about the stars on the 2015 Sarah Palin calendar. He suggested that stars were the result of Sarah walking into a stop sign.

sarah pac 2015 calendar

I must admit that until I read this article, I was unaware of the fact that Sarah Palin was using calendars to make money. Several observations are worth your consideration:

1. The stars could be the result of being hit by a can thrown at her by Todd.

2. The first year SarahPAC sold calendars was 2013. There was no 2014 calendar. Did Sarah think that if she just didn’t make a calendar she wouldn’t grow another year older?

3. The 2015 Calendar was “aimed at mid-range donors.” Those people were described as those who donated $100-$200. Those people got pictures of Sarah Palin on a calendar. It was not disclosed what type of pictures would be sent to “high end” donors!

butt guy 2015 calendar

4. Sarah forgot Todd’s birthday. She forgot Trig’s 6th birthday. More recently she forgot Trig’s 7th birthday. She evidently forgot her promise to speak at the NRA convention. She double booked herself and instead appeared in Minnesota were people were really excited to see her.

palin boner two

palin boner

I wonder if these will be included in the “hand picked” photos for next year’s calendar? I wonder if poor calendar sales had anything to do with reneging on the settlement agreement in the copyright suit?

old lady laughing

You probably know about these:

But you may not have known about these:

This video provides a concise summary about the failure of judgment of McCain.

A new Video is out by 27 year old Prince Ea. He apologizes to future generations for the total destruction of the planet for which we are responsible. It is a “Must see” video.

The gratifying thing is that while Prince Ea encourages everyone to do their part, he calls out Fox News and Sarah Palin for their unforgivable denial of the problem.

pollution china one

pollution china two

pollution china three

polution china three

Unlike Sarah Palin, Prince Ea suggests a solution:

palin funny one

Sarah Palin violated the copyright laws by using the 9-1-1 photo to attempt to attract more supporters and donors to her PAC. Here is the photo:


Sarah Palin reneged on the promise to pay $15,000.00 to settle the claim of the holder of the copyright. Palin gave as a basis for backing out of the settlement the position that the settlement should be confidential. Now whether the suit is eventually settle or not, the whole world knows that she was willing to pay thousands of dollars to settle the suit.

palin idiot

palin embarrassed

She has become such a joke that even children can make fun of her. It’s especially funny that this story is being carried by Fox Nation. It’s poetic justice that the two children who make the joke are African American.

palinwild eyed

National media is a-buzz about a new book Clinton Cash that will be released shortly.

clinton cash

Peter Schweizer is the author of the book in which he suggests that he has uncovered several questionable foreign donations to the Clinton Foundation during the tenure of Clinton as Secretary of State. Schweizer’s reporting about anything is highly suspicious. He has a long and colorful history of “disreputable” reporting, “marked by errors and retractions, with numerous reporters excoriating him for facts that do not check out, sources that do not exist, and a basic failure to practice Journalism 101.”

peter schweitzer

As further indication of the character of Mr. Schweizer, he was chosen by Sarah Palin as her foreign policy adviser in 2011. Conservatives4palin reported in 2011 that:

“… Politico is reporting that Governor Palin’s PAC has hired a new foreign policy adviser, Peter Schweizer:
Sarah Palin has parted ways with the neoconservative foreign policy advisers who had been writing speeches and advising her on policy since she joined the McCain campaign.
An aide to Palin, Tim Crawford, confirmed that Orion Strategies’ Randy Scheunemann and Michael Goldfarb are no longer working for her PAC. They parted, both sides said on good terms.
Schweizer is a research fellow at the Hoover Institution and also writes at Andrew Breitbart’s Big Peace. Governor Palin has referenced Schweizer’s writing on multiple occasions in her Facebook postings–once when referring to the role of Sputnik in the history of the Soviet Union and also in discussing the interrelatedness of energy independence, the national debt, and the the value of the US dollar.

Schweizer is known to be more conservative about the use of force abroad and is skeptical about US involvement in Libya.
He worked as a partner for former Vice President Dick Cheney aide Marc Theissen in a speechwriting and has written many books on Bush, Reagan, and foreign policy.”

Stephen Biegun was the foreign policy adviser to Palin during the 2008 campaign. Randy Scheunemann was Palin’s foreign policy adviser between Biegun and Schweizer.

It seems that each of Palin’s foreign policy advisers were unsuccessful in attempting to educate her about Africa, North and South Korea, Russia, and France. The mere fact that Schweizer ever worked for Palin is a testament to his lack of credibility. The willingness of Sarah Palin to lie seems to be a common them for she and Schweizer. It seems that Sarah Palin and Peter Schweizer are both willing to publish books that are factually incorrect, for the purpose of making money. Maybe after the 2016 election Palin and Schweizer could co-author a book about how Hillary stole the presidency from Sarah. The book could explain that Sarah was so distraught, even before the election, that she forgot her own son’s birthday. Hillary is probably responsible for Trig having Down’s syndrome.

palinwild eyed

Jon Stewart demonstrates the total failure of all Palin foreign policy advisers to teach her anything about foreign affairs.

This picture was posted by Sarah yesterday, trying to convince her fans that even though two days late, and 6 candles short, somebody celebrated Trig’s birthday. Several comments have indicated that the picture was photo-shopped.
Here is the photo:

trig's birthday photosop

Of course the photo was photo-shopped as the cupcakes are in color and the rest of the photo is in black and white. However, the fact of photo-shopping doesn’t necessarily mean that Track and Chuck didn’t present Trig with cupcakes. There are other reasons to understand that Track and Chuck didn’t celebrate with Trig as depicted in this photo.

1. The shadows in the photo are inconsistent with a single image. Track has a shadow on his face from his hat, which would indicate the light was coming from above. Certainly the reflection in his glasses would indicate the light was directly overhead. However there is a shadow to Chuck’s right (our left) on his white shirt. The position of that shadow would suggest that the light was not overhead, but coming from the side of Chuck, opposite the shadow. The reflection of the cupcakes in the glass plate would indicate that the light was coming from behind Track, which would also be behind Chuck. Thus to have the shadow to the side of “Chuck’s face would be inconsistent with the reflection of the cupcakes.

2. There are three photos of Trig playing in the snow and only one of this birthday scene. Why don’t we see Trig opening gifts or blowing out candles?

3. Why aren’t there any pictures of sarah and trig from his birthday? Not even her post says she was there.

4. Track is leaning over a couch holding the plate of cupcakes. Why wouldn’t the cupcakes with a lit candle be sitting on a table? It seems highly unlikely that Track would present cupcakes to Trig by holding them over a couch?!

5. There is something white to the side of Trig that doesn’t fit with the dark couch.

6. Nobody in the picture is smiling or singing happy birthday. Nobody is trying to blowout the candle.

7. Trig’s eyes don’t seem to be looking at the cupcakes. Chuck doesn’t seem to be looking at anyone in the picture.

8. My understanding is that Trig can’t eat solid food. If that’s true, isn’t giving him a cupcake going to highlight the things that he can’t do?

9. The icing on the cupcakes indicates that they were store bought. Palin couldn’t make a cake for her son. She couldn’t even order a cake that had his name on it.

palin pie flourless

palin pie flourless two

palin shoulderless pie

She must have been out of flour which she used in her Thanksgiving pies.

palin funny face

Stephen King said:
“The trust of the innocent is the liar’s most useful tool.”

Sarah Palin has repeatedly proven herself a liar.

lies of sarah palin

She has the “trust of the innocent” but has done nothing to earn that trust. Frank Bailey reported that she was notorious for cancelling appearances which she promised to make.

frank bailey book

Recently we were reminded of this character defect when she cancelled her appearance at the NRA and the debate in which she was scheduled to participate in England.

She also seems to have no regard for the law. She violated copyright law with her unauthorized use of the One Nation slogan on her bus.

palin bus

She breaks the speed limit, and then jokes about it.

Sarah has failed to pay property taxes, in spite of clear indications that they were owed.

She and Todd have made money from his work as a pimp, but it would surprise us all if they paid taxes on the illegal income derived from that business.

todd palin natl enquirer shailey tripp

She broke the law by accepting donations for her legal defense fund. That resulted in an order to return $386,000.00 dollars.

She broke the law by claiming family expenses as reimbursable expenses while governor. She was required to refund $7000.00 to the state of Alaska.

Palin violated state ethics laws in the Troopergate matter.

Yet Sarah Palin asserts that OTHER people should be accountable when they violate the rule of law.

Today it is reported that Sarah Palin and her PAC have broken their promise to settle a claim asserted by the North Jersey Media Group.

The suit arises out of a copyright infringement claim filed in Federal Court against Palin and her PAC. The Plaintiff asserted that Palin’s PAC used the iconic photo of firefighters on 9-11 to help the PAC raise money.


Sarah agreed to pay $15,000.00 in settlement of the claim. Now she seems to have changed her mind. In an attempt to keep the terms of the settlement confidential, Palin and her attorney have brought much more attention to the settlement than would have ever occurred had they just paid the agreed-upon amount.

Media around the country are reporting the failed settlement as a way of showing that Palin realized that she would likely lose in the trial of her case in Federal Court. However the more important story is that Palin has once again reneged on a promise. We knew she used the photo for financial gain, without permission of the holder of the copyright. However, by refusing to follow through with the agreed upon settlement she has shown herself to believe two things. First, she obviously thinks that the rule of law doesn’t apply to her. Second, “trust” is something people give her, in spite of Sarah repeatedly telling lies. Finally, it is worth considering who will ultimately pay any settlement amount, or amount awarded by a jury. It will certainly be Sarah’s PAC. Thus the trusting supporters who give Sarah money, will be paying for the illegal use of a photo used to convince them to give money.

palin laughing

Pay attention supporters of Sarah Palin! She is using you and your money for illegal purposes. She breaks the law to entice you to give her money, and then uses your money to pay for breaking the law.

palin funny one

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