Shame on everyone reading today. I asked you to have some decency. Remember, Sarah and Bristol asked that we have some Decency and respect their privacy at this emotional time. Imagine the embarrassment for Sarah that her daughter was going to have to be re-born, once again, as a virgin. Imagine the humiliation of Bristol in having to return to Kentucky to eat barbecue and pretend that she ever loved Dakota Meyer. Imagine how uncomfortable Bristol would have felt if she had attended the party in her honor when she didn’t know the guests! Imagine the embarrassment if one of the guests at the barbecue had to use the restroom and found Bristol’s underwear hanging out to dry?

dakota rickleventhal

Sarah seemed to know Rick, but we have never seen a picture of Bristol and Rick Leventhall.

palin rick leventhal fox

Have some decency! Those pictures were posted on the Facebook pages of Sarah and Dakota. They clearly have no decency!

Then there was this picture posted of Track.

track amputee

People have no shame! To poke fun of an amputee…this is outrageous! Have some decency and respect our wounded warriors.

Bristol has posted this picture of she and a “friend”.

bristol camping friend

Have some decency! Don’t look at the picture. Tripp isn’t in it! Somebody might suggest that Bristol abandoned Tripp on this special weekend.

We know from Bristol’s book that she had no decency when she went camping with Levi, and then wrote about getting pregnant while on a camping trip. I just have to wonder if Bristol is planning a new book, entitled “Camping with Girls: Abstinence is Not Reasonable”. I would ask all the readers of this blog to have some decency and don’t buy that book if Bristol tells about her camping experience with her girl-friend.

The next time the Palins have a barbecue, have some decency and don’t look at the pictures they post on social media.

gun bbque

David Letterman remembered some of his most memorable guests from the last 22 years, that didn’t include Sarah Palin.

palin idiot

palin bristol engagement

In an exclusive interview, People magazine reports on an interview of Sarah Palin regarding her description of the Palin Family-Secret Service Brawl that took place yesterday in Kentucky. As of this morning, there have been no pictures posted to the Facebook pages of Dakota Meyer or Sarah Palin indicating that the family barbeque ever took place. Bristol’s blog doesn’t have any pictures or reports on the party. Thus there is no independent way to verify the truth of this report. However Sarah said it was true,so it must be. This is what anonymous media sources are reporting:

Tripp was the designated shooter for the brawl. He wasn’t supposed to be consuming alcohol at the party, so he was the logical one to be chosen.

dakota tripp gun

Whether because of his age, his violation of rules regarding legal age for consumption of alcohol, or just his desire to tryout his new gun, Tripp reportedly opened fire on the crowd. Sarah was reported to have asked Tripp if he knew who she was. In the hurry of the guests to remove themselves from the line of fire, someone stepped on Bristol’s sunglasses. She was interviewed by police after the fact. It was unclear what happened, but it was clear that it was a fucking mess.

Bristol’s sunglasses were broken, and she spilled her drink, which she was holding between her knees.

bristol cameo see through

In the confusion that erupted during the shooting, the rings got mixed up. Sarah ended up with the diamond,

sarah wearing bristol's ring

and Tripp ended up with the gun-barrel ring.

funny wedding ten

Fortunately the only person actually injured in the shooting was Bristol. It seems that her breasts were caught in Tripp’s crosshairs. Bristol has been heli-ported to the local hospital in Wasilla for breast-realignment surgery. Doctors from the Mat-Su hospital are reporting that they expect Bristol to have a full recovery, although she may never dance again.

bristol monkey

The members of the Secret Service reportedly arrived to protect the 2008 Vice Presidential candidate and her husband. A.T. Smith, Mark Sullivan, Charles Edwards, and David Nieland were all there. At the time Tripp opened fire they were passed out in the barn at the Meyer’s family farm, having consumed to much of what the Palins were shoveling. Tripp escaped as he ran away from the lone agent, who was still conscious. Tripp jumped the fence on the Meyer family farm, using the family dog for leverage, and ran into the woods.

palin dog with tripp

Todd created a diversion for Tripp as he made his get-away by distracting David Chaney. Chaney was reportedly found this morning hung over. Dakota Meyer’s father claimed that Chaney under-paid him for use of one of his favorite horses the previous night.

funny horse

Chaney’s attorney was reported to be giving “no comment” regarding the incident. Joe Clancey, the acting director of the Secret Service, said that there was not one “scintilla” of evidence connecting Chaney to the horse in question. The Washington Post reported this morning that Chaney has resigned from his position at the Secret Service, but tomorrow we expect to find out that Chaney is still on the payroll of the Secret Service.

Sarah Palin reported that she was invited to appear at the family barbeque. She was asked to bring barbeque moose, and her signature blueberry pie.

palin pie flourless

palin shoulderless pie

Being the multitalented politician that she is, Sarah Palin was first seen serving food to the many guests in attendance.

palin steelman serving food

After dinner she bestowed the Family-Virtues Medal of Honor on two worthy recipients, Dakota Meyer and Josh Duggar.

palinduggar one

On the flight home Sarah unexpectedly gave birth to Siamese twin boys that she is naming Twin-One and Twin-Two. She explained that the choice of names “Twin” had nothing to do with the physical malady of Siamese twins. All the boys in the Palin family have “T” names, and “Twin” was the name of a distant uncle who gave his life in service of his country. The names “One” and “Two” were chosen by God.

god laughing one

On May 18th Sarah Palin re-posted a note from Bristol explaining that “we have faith that our privacy will be respected at this time by those with decency. Thank you!” – Bristol”
Sarah Palin

For goodness sake, please respect the privacy as the Palin family gathers to eat their B-bque in Kentucky tonight.

If you are curious about the affair, you can rely on Sarah’s description of the event. She gave an exclusive interview to People magazine explaining that the event won’t be a wedding, but a “celebration of life.”Because Sarah feels that”Nothing is more precious to us than family, faith and America’s freedom.” I’m calling on every person who follows the Palins to realize that THEY will tell you what you need to know. Remember when Sara said on March 14th,that the families couldn’t be happier!
Remember when Bristol posted a picture of the ring. That was May 6th. Bristol posted news on her internet blog that the wedding was less than a month away.
Then on May 8th, she posted a remark about her “future husband.” Then on May 13th, Bristol posted another article entitled “MY Man Crush”

Isn’t it obvious? If there is anything we need to know about the engagement,the wedding, the happy couple living together, the end of the engagement, who ended up with the ring,what kind of bbque they be eating for the party tonight or whether Todd would invite any girls to the party, the Palins will tell us on social media, or tell People magazine. Otherwise, respect their privacy! Do you know who Sarah Palin is?

There is one nagging question that I hope they will answer soon. Are they going to auction off the wedding gifts? If so, what do you think we would have to pay to be the highest bidder for these?

funny wedding nine

funny gifts six

funny wedding eight

funny gifts three

funny gifts one

funny gift five

funny gift four

funny gift two

funny wedding ten

Yesterday I posted an article on the number of Republicans who have posed with Child Molester Josh Duggar. I found pictures of Duggar with Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, and Scott Walker.


duggar cruz

duggar paul

“m” brought this article from Raw Story to our attention. The story illustrates virtually all the leaders of the GOP have associated themselves Josh Duggar, the admitted child molester. The long list of leaders of the party of the Christian conservatives to have posed with Dugar includes:

Reince Priebus

Jeb Bush


Bobby Jindal

Rick Perry

Mike Huckabee

Rick Santorum

Ted Cruz

Scott Walker

Rand Paul

and of course Sarah and Bristol Palin.

palinduggar one

palin bristol duggar

You could excuse these politicians for posing with Mr. Duggar as they probably didn’t all know that he was a child molester. However the type of people that Republicans have knowingly associated with paints a graphic picture of the character traits they look for in their supporters.

ted nugent and gun

rush animal in chains

glen beck vicks

WASHINGTON - OCTOBER 25: Chairman and CEO of the Fox News Network Roger Ailes participates in the "America's Best Leaders: How do they lead? Where are they taking us?" National Issues Briefing hosted by U.S. News and World Report October 25, 2005 at the National Press Club in Washington, DC. The talk was held in collaboration with the Center for Public Leadership at Harvard University's John F. Kennedy School of Government.  (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images for U.S. News and World Report)

WASHINGTON – OCTOBER 25: Chairman and CEO of the Fox News Network Roger Ailes participates in the “America’s Best Leaders: How do they lead? Where are they taking us?” National Issues Briefing hosted by U.S. News and World Report October 25, 2005 at the National Press Club in Washington, DC. The talk was held in collaboration with the Center for Public Leadership at Harvard University’s John F. Kennedy School of Government. (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images for U.S. News and World Report)

todd palin natl enquirer shailey tripp

newt gingrich poster chutzpah

pat robertson quote feminism

gop family values

gop family values two

sanford family values

It’s true. The Republican Party stands for Christian Conservative values. It is the party of wholesome heterosexual marriages and children. However what they “stand” for isn’t actually who they are. The recent scandal involving Josh Duggar, is just one example. Duggar is an admitted child molester. Josh recently resigned his position on the Family Research Council, a nongovernmental organization that says its mission is to “advance faith, family and freedom in public policy and the culture from a Christian worldview.” The problem is clear. Duggar only recently resigned. His history of sexual molestation has been known for 12 years.

Duggar has a history of associating with GOP candidates including Walker, Cruz, and Paul.


duggar cruz

duggar paul

Mike Huckabee had described Josh and his family as and example of something that’s “wholesome and wonderful.”

There are many other child molesters who are prominent in the GOP.

Ted Nugent

ted nugent crazy gun

Phil Robertson

phil robertson underage girls

Drug Addicts include:

sarah wearing bristol's ring

rush black leather jacket

Don’t forget about the Serial Husbands.

mccain funny three

newt gingrich poster chutzpah

David Letterman has retired. He appeared on his last show this week.
WE will always remember him fondly. He had a special relationship with the Palin family.

We are sorry that he won’t be around to make more jokes about Bristol’s most recent trial marriage, trial re-birth as a virgin, and trial divorce.

For a moment, forget the Palins and enjoy one of Letterman’s funniest routines:

“Willow” was kind enough to provide a glimpse into what could have been…

What a Palin wedding would have looked like: “Epic Wedding Fails”

“Epic Wedding Fails Part 2″ on YouTube

“Best Wedding Fail Compilation 2015

Just Say NO to BS

The Ignorance of Sarah Palin

Rebuttal to the Rogue


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