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Just when you thought Sarah Palin couldn’t say anything more foolish than she has, she does. Just when you thought Sarah Palin couldn’t show herself to be more ignorant of the U.S. Constitution, she does. It is a fundamental notion inherent in our system of justice that a person is innocent until proven guilty. In a recent Facebook post Sarah has been so bold as to suggest that a person who was an American citizen who leaves this country to join ISIS, al Qaeda, or any other terrorist organization does not immediately lose his citizenship,” but should. Palin presumes in that statement that a person who has such evil motives would somehow magically announce to the world that they are now a terrorist who feels compelled to kill Americans. That’s the problem with terrorists. They are sneaky. They don’t always advertise who they are or what they intend to do in advance. Unlike Paul Revere who rang bells and shot warning shots, terrorists tend to be a little more secretive. Sometimes they have the nerve to cover their faces.


In essence Palin is assuming we know, or can simply identify by sight, those people who were American citizens, and are now terrorists. Her brilliant idea is to take away their citizenship. The reality is that if we establish that a person is a terrorist, they are guilty of treason. The penalty for treason is potentially death. The fact that the person retains their American citizenship establishes them as subject to American laws, so a claim of treason would be easier to prove. The relevant statute is:

“Whoever, owing allegiance to the United States, levies war against them or adheres to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort within the United States or elsewhere, is guilty of treason and shall suffer death, or shall be imprisoned not less than five years and fined under this title but not less than $10,000; and shall be incapable of holding any office under the United States.”

The legal complications of trying a foreign citizen under U.S. law are many. It is much easier if the alleged terrorist is an American citizen, and there is not an issue about the applicable law,or whether the United States is entitled to execute someone.

Palin uses the Boston bomber as an example of a person who should lose his U.S. citizenship.

boston bomber

Even Sarah Palin should be able to understand just how stupid that assertion is. Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is on trial for his life. The only question is not whether Tsarnaev will be able to vote again. The question is life in prison or death. If she wants to be tough on terrorists, she should assert that the law should be changed to require the death penalty if guilt is established.

Why would Sarah assert such a foolish thing? The answer is rather obvious. Her buddy, Sen. Ted Cruz, previously pushed for a measure that would have made joining foreign terrorist groups like ISIS tantamount to renouncing one’s U.S. citizenship. That effort was soundly defeated in the Senate. Some critics of the bill pointed out, citizenship for people born or naturalized in the United States is a right guaranteed by the 14th Amendment. Steve Chapman of the Chicago Tribune wrote, “letting the federal government deprive Americans of their nationality is something that should give pause to anyone acquainted with the Constitution or history.”
Once again we see an example of the stupidity of Palin’s assertion of the need to protect the US Constitutional rights of American citizens. In her mind, only the people that share her political philosophy should have rights under the constitution.

The irony is that even under Islamic law people are presumed innocent until proven guilty. While it would be great to be able to KNOW who is or is not a terrorist, the reality is that we don’t know until a jury determines if someone is a terrorist. It is our constitution that prevents people like Sarah Palin from independently deciding that someone is a terrorist. If we left it up to Sarah to decide who is a terrorist, she would have taken away the President’s citizenship long ago.

department homeland security

When the Colombia scandal broke the country was appalled that the “best of the best” were engaged in such outrageous behavior. “Debauchery” of our agents, funded by the American taxpayers, was the clear indication from preliminary reports. Instead of a trip to protect and ensure the security of our President, we sent agents of the American government to foreign destinations to engage in behavior that was against the law in America. The depravity of the behavior of these agents likely exceeded that of the most outrageous behavior of people in Las Vegas.

As if the lewd behavior of government employees was not sufficiently offensive, the extent of the cover-up that followed indicates that the Secret Service was, and continues to be, committed to protecting their own. Mark Sullivan, the Director of the Secret Service, told blatant lies to the members of Congress. He proclaimed that the Colombia incident was an isolated event. Sullivan was under oath. When it was suspected that he lied, he was not charged with perjury or conspiracy to defraud the American people. He was not fired. He was rewarded by being allowed to take early retirement, presumably with full retirement benefits intact. Janet Napolitano, the Secretary of Homeland Security, Mr. Sullivan’s boss, resigned. Her retirement benefits are surely intact. When Charles Edwards, the Deputy Inspector General, the person accountable for investigation of the Colombia scandal, was himself suspected of fraud and corruption, he was not fired. He was not charged with conspiracy to defraud. Within three days of his inevitable perjury before Congress, he resigned his position. He simply transferred to another position in the government, so as to maintain his accumulated time towards retirement. No sanctions were imposed. There was no accountability for his corruption. David Nieland is the person assigned by Charles Edwards to conduct the actual investigation of the Colombia scandal. He was himself caught using prostitutes in Florida. He resigned, likely keeping his retirement benefits intact. The agents involved in the Colombia scandal resigned, including David Chaney. They weren’t fired. They are presumably drawing retirement benefits, that we the taxpayers are paying. When the new Director of the Secret Service decided to take action to remove four top agents, they had the option of resignation, retirement, or accepting another position within the government. Recently when two agents crashed into barricade, erected for investigation of a possible bomb, no breathalyzer test was administered. The video tape that might have provided evidence of the drunken condition of the agents disappeared. It is clear that the standard operating procedure for members of the federal government is engage in the most outrageous behavior imaginable, and if they get caught, they know the other federal employees will cover up for them.


The really frightening thing is that this unlawful and corrupt behavior isn’t limited to the Secret Service. It seems the only thing unusual about the use of prostitutes by employees of the Federal Government is that we are just now realizing the extent of the problem. “Normal behavior” for the Secret Service, the Air Marshals, members of the White House staff, DEA agents , and presumably all members of the Federal Government seems to include excessive use of alcohol and prostitutes while on the job. It is unclear if American taxpayers are paying for this life-style, but every indication is that we are. Drugs usage is probably part of the culture as well, but it is harder to distinguish between altered consciousness from alcohol or drugs. If drug testing isn’t done, the inappropriate behavior of America’s finest is attributed to alcohol use. Alcohol is legal, drugs are not. It’s clear that the Secret Service protects its agents from any type of scientific testing for drugs or alcohol so that there are only vague allegations of inappropriate behavior. Even those are dependent upon the statements of other agents. What agent would give a statement asserting inappropriate behavior of a supervisor? If the Secret Service has made agents sign a non-disclosure agreement, such as the one already produced in my FOIA requests, there is no way that evidence could ever be collected against any agent engaged in inappropriate behavior. At best, if the public becomes aware of the events, (like the agent passed out in the hall of the hotel in Amsterdam) the agent is quickly re-assigned, and the matter is hushed up.

U.S. Marshals have been shown to be involved in sexual encounters at the expense of taxpayers. A White House aide, who ironically works for the Office of Global Women’s Issues, has recently been revealed to have been involved with prostitutes in Colombia. The Homeland Security investigator was asked to withhold information about that aide until after the 2012 election. Just yesterday it was revealed that the DEA agents in Colombia attended a sex party paid for by the Colombia cartels. What could be worse?

What does it say to other countries when our government representatives are so lewd, corrupt, and treat women so badly? How can we expect people from other countries to abide by our laws, when our government representatives do not? It’s laughable that we are the example of a liberated country which respects women when our representatives treat women with such disrespect. How could there be any thought of securing the safety of our most important representatives when it is so easy to gain access to the rooms of the very people assigned to guard the President?

secret service badge

It is more important than ever that the government be held accountable to produce the documents requested in the pending FOIA lawsuit. Because multiple agencies that are a part of the Department of Homeland Security have been implicated in outrageous behavior, and then cover-up of it, the only hope of reviving the integrity of the DHS is to begin the process of admitting that there is a problem.

Ted is supporting Obama for President.

ted cruz

sarah and todd ted cruz

Jeffrey Toobin discussed Ted Cruz. Toobin attepted to contrast Palin and Cruz. What he was saying in a polite way was that their philosophies might be similar, but Cruz is smart and Palin is not.

palin cruz hug

There are a few other differences that are obvious as well:

1. Cruz is running for President and Palin only teased that she might run.

2. Cruz holds a national office. Sarah quit her state office.

3. Palin demands a staff member wash her panties. Cruz just buys a new pair when he changes them.

4. Cruz doesn’t wear wigs. Sarah has a lot.

5. Cruz doesn’t have a tan on his hand. Sarah does.

palin tan hand

6. Nobody knows the names of Ted’s girls and they haven’t been on reality television.

7. Cruz’s wife is not suspected of running a house of prostitution.

todd palin natl enquirer shailey tripp

8. Ted Cruz hasn’t taken a family vacation on a bus.

palin bus

9. Ted Cruz’s girls doen’t wear camo, and don’t pee in the street.

bristol pee

10. Cruz’s girls don’t use th “f” word.

palin idiot

It’s been almost 6 years since Sarah Palin has held any political office. During that time she has embarrassed herself …frequently…and with amazingly ignorant comments and remarks. Whether showing her lack of knowledge of American history or lack of engineering expertise regarding dike building, Sarah Palin has ensured that anyone listening to her is shocked by her ignorance. Yet, she is still spewing her stupid remarks and people are still paying her to spew them. Why? The answer is that from the moment John McCain tapped Palin to be his running-mate, he was focused on her appearance rather than anything else. At the time McCain and Palin disagreed on some fundamental political policies. McCain and Palin disagreed on stem cell research, global warming, and drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Reserve. Palin advocated a constitutional ban on gay marriage. McCain does not. McCain was in favor of allowing a woman to have a choice regarding abortion in cased of rape and incest. Palin was not. Even after the election they have continued to disagree. Palin supported the idea of impeaching Obama. McCain did not. Palin campaigned for Ted Cruz.

sarah and todd ted cruz

McCain called him a “whacko-bird.”

Thus from the earliest stages, the political positions of Palin were never the primary impetus for her notoriety. It was her looks. Like a contestant in a beauty pageant, it doesn’t really matter what they say, it how they look.

Now that Ted Cruz has announced his plans to run for President in 2016, the absurdity of Sarah Palin’s involvement in politics in America is painfully ironic. At the outset, it is clear that Ted Cruz would never have been elected but for Sarah Palin campaigning for him. Now that Cruz has announced he is running for President, Palin is noticeably silent. The reason her silence is so offensive is because Sarah was an outspoken birther regarding Obama’s place of birth. She proclaimed the importance of Trump’s efforts to prove that Obama was not a citizen of the United States. The date was April 9, 2011 when Sarah said:

“More power to him [Trump]. He’s not just throwing stones from the sidelines, he’s digging in, he’s paying for researchers to find out why President Obama would have spent $2 million to not show his birth certificate.”

Now that Ted Cruz has announced his intention to run, Palin has no comment. It is incontrovertible that Ted Cruz was born in Canada. There will surely be debate about whether Cruz qualifies as a “natural born citizen” under the constitution because his mother was a citizen, but he was born in Canada, and his father was a citizen of Cuba. With Obama, like Cruz, there was no issue about whether his mother was a natural born American citizen. Thus even if there was some question about whether Obama was born in Kenya or Hawaii, the fact that their mothers were American citizens has never been disputed. What is the difference in Sarah Palin’s mind between Obama and Cruz in terms of their qualification to be President? The only difference I can see is that one is black and the other is white. The inconsistency and hypocrisy of Palin’s position on the two candidates for the highest office in the country is a perfect example of why Palin is so dangerous. Palin’s supporters are too ignorant to understand or even try to appreciate the reasoning behind anything Palin says. In a case such as this the issues are identical but Palin was strongly in favor of questioning Obama’s right to run for President, but she remains silent regarding Cruz. Palin supporters haven’t even thought to ask the question.

The best hope is that whether because of drugs, or age,or just the fact that she is married to a Pimp, Sarah Palin is losing her appeal as a beauty queen. As her appearance declines, so will her popularity among her fans.

palin rnc

palin yoga

Lisa Hasaday is the attorney who has appeared in the Litman case to uncover FOIA document requests regarding Secret Agents, David Cheney, and Todd Palin. Lisa Hasday is an Assistant US Attorney in the Civil Division. My information on her indicates she attended Yale Law School. She has worked in the Securities and Exchange Commission,the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals and a firm by the name of David Polk & Wardwell.
She lists her specialties as “Civil litigation in federal district and appellate courts in range of subject areas, including employment discrimination, medical malpractice, general torts, commercial disputes, securities fraud, immigration, civil rights, and Social Security.”

I hope it’s a good sign that she doesn’t list FOIA defense as one of her “specialties”. I have no doubt that she is competent and capable to represent the government’s interests in this FOIA suit. I am simply hopeful that if she doesn’t “specialize” in trying to prevent people from getting documents under the Act, then she might appreciate why the documents requested are so important, and why I am so frustrated as a result of trying to obtain this information for almost three years. I am also hopeful that because she is an educated women that she will appreciate why it is essential that the public understand the culture of corruption and the abuse of women that has occurred as a result of the activities of the Secret Service and Todd Palin. Obviously she represents the government, so her allegiance is to the government, so her job will be to represent their point of view.

lisa hasady

No answer has been filed. She has just provided notice to the Court that she is the attorney handling the case.

tripp on couch

It’s no secret that Tripp has been the victim of poor parenting. While it is incontrovertible that it is hard to be a young single mother, Bristol has made it even more challenging for Tripp to be her son, than the average single mother. Britol has been absent for two seasons of DWTS, lived in LA, and moved to Arizona with Tripp. However the limited video footage of Tripp opens our eyes into the behavioral problems of Tripp.

Remember when Tripp said “I hate you” to Willow and Bristol, and called them “faggots”?

It was during that “reality show” that Bristol admitted that she was doing a “horrible” job parenting Tripp.

Remember in the report regarding the Palin family brawl that Tripp was running around on a landing strip, even though an adult told him not to?

In this clip,Bristol herself says “Tripp gets away with murder.”

“Tripp knows there are no consequences.” Willow explains that Tripp doesn’t listen to her. Tripp is shown to be without boundaries or even a bed time.

In fact he doesn’t listen to anyone.

All of these things lead to the unmistakable conclusion that Tripp has no structure in his life. He has not learned to follow rules or respect authority. These characteristics are not the characteristics of a child that could ever be trusted with a loaded gun. This picture from Immoral Minority indicates that Tripp is being trusted with an assault weapon which is loaded. It is horrible to trust such a young boy with such a lethal weapon. It is unforgiveable to entrust such a weapon to a child whose mother admits that he “gets away with murder.”

dakota tripp gun

The even more frightening thing is that Dakota Meyer doesn’t have children and himself has no concept of the dangerous situation he exposes everyone to by entrusting a loaded assault rifle to Tripp Palin.

dakotameyer baby gun

Polly Tickleparty sent us this link. Dunn point out the absurdity of Palin attacking Hillary for her use of private e-mails. It is expressly stated by Dunn that he is in no way defending what Hillary did. His point is that Sarah Palin is not the one to suggest that she operated in an open and candid way before she quit her job as Governor.

palin idiot

lies of sarah palin

(the last half of this segment features Palin as his #1 Supporter)

It’s official. Ted Cruz has announced that he will seek the presidency in 2016. Donny Deutsch on MSNBC said that Cruz was the new Sarah Palin. Certainly Cruz and Palin are both frightening people to hold any elected office. However I find Cruz to be much more frightening. Here’s why.

1. Palin ran for V.P. and Cruz is running for President.

2. Cruz is smarter than Palin. I know you are thinking that everyone is smarter than Sarah Palin, but Cruz is said to be brilliant. He attended Princeton undergraduate, and Harvard Law School. He was described by his Harvard Law Professor as “off the charts brilliant.

3. Palin left college without making any real impression on her classmates. She was a non-factor. Cruz on the other hand created a vivid memory among his classmates. SEVERAL classmates described him with words like “abrasive,” “intense,” “strident,” “crank,” and “arrogant.” Four independently offered the word “creepy,” with some pointing to Cruz’s habit of donning a paisley bathrobe and walking to the opposite end of their dorm’s hallway where the female students lived.

4. Palin endorsed Cruz and campaigned with the Pimp in Texas for him.

palin texas boots cruz

sarah and todd ted cruz

Cruz has said that he wouldn’t be in office today but for Sarah Palin.

5. Cruz like Palin has said some crazy things. However Palin said most of hers after she held no elected office. Cruz said these things while he was a Senator. Here is just a sampling of crazy things Cruz has said:
a. “‘Net neutrality’ is Obamacare for the Internet”
b. “Instead of nominating a health professional, he (Obama) nominated someone who is an anti-gun activist”
c. Obama just a “social worker” who wants to put ISIS “on expanded Medicaid”
d. “It is the job of a chaplain to be insensitive to atheists”
e. “I didn’t threaten to shut down the government” (remember he is the one who led the charge and cost the country 24 Billion Dollars).
f. “I will renounce any Canadian citizenship”
g. “I expect them to start quartering soldiers in people’s homes soon”
h. “Gay marriage” leads to Christianity becoming “hate speech”
i. “I am a very, very proud wacko bird”
j. “I have never seen a Hispanic panhandler”
k. “Your world is on fire!”
l. “Green Eggs and Ham”

6. Even John McCain, who picked Sarah Palin, thinks Cruz is a “wacko-bird.

7. Ted Cruz has recently announced that he believes in science, but there is no scientific proof of global warming. He was wrong!

8. Even Pat Robertson doesn’t support Cruz as he seems to prefer gaining attention for himself even if it is at a cost to the Republican party. Robertson cited Cruz’s delay tactics that allowed Democrats to push through multiple nominations of Obama.

9. Cruz’s government shut down cost the country $24 BILLION DOLLARS.

10. Ted Cruz’s own GOP has pointed out his stupidity in his recent attempt to shut down the government…again. Here are a few quotes:

a. “I’ve seen this movie before, and I wouldn’t pay money to see it again,” Georgia GOP Sen. Johnny Isakson.

b. Asked if Cruz had created an opening for the Democrats, Utah Sen. Orrin Hatch said, “I wish you hadn’t pointed that out.”

c. “You should have an end goal in sight if you’re going to do these type of things,” Hatch added, “and I don’t see an end goal other than just irritating a lot of people.”

d. Arizona Sen. Jeff Flake said the strategy doesn’t bode well for the new Republican-controlled Congress. “I fail to see what conservative ends were achieved.”

11. Cruz advocated bringing assault weapons into a Senate hearing on gun safety. His idea was to waive unloaded guns around to demonstrate how safe they are.

12. Cruz was one of three votes against confirmation of John Kerry as “Secretary of State. He explained that “I was compelled to vote no on Senator Kerry’s nomination because of his longstanding less-than-vigorous defense of U.S. national security issues, and, in particular, his long record supporting treaties and international tribunals that have undermined U.S. sovereignty.”

13. Palin is a natural born American citizen. Cruz was born outside the United States. There is a legitimate question about whether Cruz can even meet the qualifications under the constitution to run for President. Even if the Supreme Court rules that he is allowed to run, there is a real question about whether any person born outside the United States, and whose father was not an American citizen should be allowed to hold the highest position in the Government of America. There is already forming a Ted Cruz “birther” movement.

palin cruz hug

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