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These two guys have pranked all the candidates, but my favorite was the exorcism of Ted Cruz.

The choice of Sarah Palin as McCain’s running mate was described as a “Hail Mary pass.” 

mccain and palin

The choice of the 44 year old Hockey Mom who didn’t know if Africa was a country or continent, was clearly designed to attract female voters who might be inclined to vote based on gender rather than qualifications or intelligence.

The Hail Mary pass  was ruled incomplete when McCain lost, and the majority of women voted for Obama.

Now that it’s 2016, and the Republican party’s female candidate


has dropped out, she reminded female voters:

” To young girls and women across the country,    I say do not let others define you.Do not listen to anyone who says you have to vote a certain way, or for a certain candidate, because you are a woman  .   That is not feminism.  ”

It’s funny that Bristol now feels it is important to remind voters NOT to do the very thing that Sarah was hoping to do in 2008 (i.e. attract women voters because she had two x chromosomes).


palin paintchipeater



The same reader who provided the previous information, has sent this clarification by Sarah’s Niece:

palin paintchipeater

“MyAuntLivesOnEnsure5:43 PM

I think maybe I wasn’t exactly clear what “playing ball” meant. I didn’t meant that they are asking Dakota to say he’s the dad and pay support and stuff. What they are wanting is for him to just not say anything, not confirm or deny or anything. I’m sure if they did ask him to actually say he is the dad in public, they’d put that request in with a shit load of money.

I think he might take a payoff. Bristol said he online gambles when he gets drunk and will sometimes spend his whole military check on ammunition for gun when he already has like a million bullets for everything he owns. And Tripp said he has a “shed” full of guns and ammo too. So if a guy with expensive habits like that was offered a lottery size pay day just to say (or not say) something……there has to be a chance he would go along.

I haven’t read all the comments in this thread yet but I will right after I post this and I will respond to anyone who wrote to me:) I haven’t been able to read or post much the past few days and I totally missed it, it’s like my stress reliever now to read all these people who agree that my aunt is crazy and my cousin is a big ass ho. It’s like I found my people, lol”

bristol and dakota

bristol and levi rnc

bristol boys hawaii

bristol gino

bristol joey junker

bristol soccer match joey junker

Bristol was spotted at the famous landmark hotdog stand in Los Angeles, California filming a segment of her reality TV show with her co-stars Kyle and Chris Massey. Bristol has moved into a home with the brothers and all three waited in line to be served at the stand. Bristol clearly was looked forward to getting her hands on one of the hotdogs. Smiling as she ordered and all three went to the back seating area to talk and eat. At one point the trio did a hot dog toast. Pictured: Bristol Palin, Kyle Massey and Chris Massey Ref: SPL307135  180811   Picture by: Splash News Splash News and Pictures Los Angeles:310-821-2666 New York:	212-619-2666 London:	870-934-2666



bristol palin dancing with stars

Hey, it’s Wed. That means tomorrow is throw-back Thursday.  Ask yourself, what picture will Bristol post?  If she wants a lot of hits she’ll post a picture of herself with one of the men from her past, since the question of the day is who’s Sailor’s daddy?

Oldredmeck posted a comment that was very insightful.  Here is the post:

“Seems to me as though Bristol already has revealed the truth about Sailor’s daddy — without meaning to.

Back in August (or was it July?) 2015, she posted on her Instagram page a “throwback Thursday” photo of herself and her BFF Marina Lupas (a medium-priced Anchorage prostitute). The photo was a selfie taken in the ladies’ room of a Vegas restaurant/casino. The caption accompanying the photo said something link: “Back in the good old days. I ruined my life forever the next day. Worst Valentine’s Day ever.”

Months earlier — after Valentine’s Day 2015 — she posted a photo of herself, Marina, Sarah, Todd, and friends in the lobby of a Vegas restaurant. In that photo, Bristol and Marina are wearing the very same clothes they were wearing in the throwback photo from the ladies’ room. This was the same time that, according to financial documents filed by SarahPAC, the PAC paid $16,000 for a charter flight between Alaska and Vegas.

The clear meaning of all this is: Bristol and Marina spent Valentine’s Day 2015 bar-crawling in Vegas where they picked up a few Vegas lounge lizards, enjoyed a few hours of sex in one or more hotel rooms, and Bristol emerged pregnant with Sailor.

Shortly thereafter, Sarah and Bristol executed their scheme to arrange a marriage between Bristol and Dakota. After Dakota visited Bristol’s hoohah a time or two, she revealed she was knocked up, he can count, and he dumped her.

Case closed.”

Maybe his description is accurate?  It certainly makes more sense than the story Bristol told about the birth date of Sailor!

bristol sailor pink

bristol baby photoshopped

Maybe she’ll photo shop another picture for throw-back Thursday of a time she was really abstinent.

palin family valley trash



bristol anddakota no plaid

One of our readers has sent me this report from Sarah’s Niece:

MyAuntLivesOnEnsure11:44 AM

DNA is back, 100%. Supposedly both lawyers have been sent copies of the results. With like 99.9999999% certainty, Dakota is EXCLUDED as the father. I think money is in play now bc my aunt was telling Bristol “you need to make him understand he has to play ball here on this”.

My cousin said its like a funeral at Bristol’s right now and all energy is being put toward getting dakota to play along.

So now I definitely think it’s Joey’s. Just based on how she looks is all. Well that and Bristol was bragging like a year ago that she was hooking up with him even though he was with someone else.

MyAuntLivesOnEnsure12:35 PM

Q- Interesting. If Dakota is not the father, and Bristol has repeatedly insinuated he is, I think he will want to clear his name so that he will not be labeled “dead beat dad” for the rest of his life.


I hope he does not cave to Sarah and Bristol’s demands. It’s on Bristol now to spin another tale…. Poor Joey. Why in hell would Dakota “play along?”

bristol tripp hospital with Sailor

Anon12:21 same reason most people have played along with her crazyness. Money. Or threats. Or most likely a combo of both. I’ve heard B has a “very damaging” iPhone video of Dakota that would absolutely ruin his speaking career/military career. He is drunk and is screaming horrible things at her, saying “your just mommys little errand whore, your face and tits are almost as fake as your mother’s”, ect. (She had her boobs done after her 3rd kid but not bigger so just “perky”, her word… her boobs aren’t even fake)

So maybe the threat of releasing that combined with the promise of a big pay day? I’m just guessing here, to be clear. Nobody has told me anything about why he might “play ball”. Just my thoughts.

Also my aunt apparently said the documents would take 2 minutes to change in Photoshop if Dakota DID play along. So maybe another really horrible/obvious photo job is coming soon;)

dakota, sarah, todd no boots, beard,or plaid

If the DNA results actually confirm that Dakota is NOT the father, that would be evidence that either Bristol slept with someone else while engaged to Dakota, or that she lied about when the baby was born.

If Dakota is not the father, who is?


bristol baby photoshopped

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